Friday, October 22, 2010


reese is officially a two year old! i never imagined what he would be like when he was two, but he is perfect. he is still the sweetest child and loves to give hugs and kisses. we had a family birthday party for him, i think by the end of it he had it figured out. he knew it was all for him. i read him a special birthday book before his nap, ordered chinese food for lunch (his fave is ham fried rice with egg drop soup dumped on it), blew up a million balloons, put up the birthday banner and spent 15 bucks on ice cream! it was so good. my good boy deserves a good day.
opening presents. don't mind my g's
after he opened every single present he took it to my dad to show him. he was very excited... 
playing in the bag was one of the best parts of the party! 
he blew out his candles twice before we got through the birthday song. he had practiced a lot!
family pic on his two year old birthday. he got buzz and woody, and now we seriously cannot go anywhere without buzz. he loves him and makes him fly and kisses him. what a sweet boy! i love you reese!