Monday, December 31, 2012

December Recap

Jovi decided she could climb in December. These are just a couple of places we have found her. 
Reese and Jovi have become truly best friends. She climbs all over him every time he gets on one of the little chairs, so he now chooses to sit on the couch. Here Jovi climbed on him so they could play "telephone" together. 
Jovi had her first ponytail! SO BIG and we were SO PROUD!
Reese had his gymnastic show. He did so good and has so many skills: 
super hero
i don't really know why the teacher is helping him because he can do a mean sommersault by himself.
then i caught this little girl smooching my boyfriend in the other room!
cheering for brother!
We rode the front runner to SLC to see the lights with my fam. We seriously had so much fun and laughed our booties off! We ate at city creek and then went to temple square.
i love reese's face in this pic. we totally teased debbie that she looked like polish woman from WWII, check out that coat and scarf! hilarious!
On the ride home Brad took the most horrible pictures of everyone and we all just died laughing at them:
this one got blown up and framed for the white elephant party :)
And finally onto Christmas Morning:
Our whole family had been sick on and off throughout december. Christmas Eve we did the usual bingo, eat-til-we-pop hurrah at lynn's house. And that night we started a new tradition, Reese and Jovi slept in the same room to wait for santa. It was totally fun. Poor Reese woke up Christmas morning by throwing up at 6 a.m. I got him in the bath and he played for a while insisting he wasn't sick. I think he thought we would cancel Christmas if he was sick. So about 6:30 we got up Daddy and Jovi and went to see if Santa came and he did!
Santa and his reindeer both at their treat
I never get a lot of pictures on  Christmas because we are so busy. But oh well. We had an amazing day. We stayed home for a few hours and had breakfast at home (first time in years!), and then we stopped by lynn's and had dinner at my mom's.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

december so far.

nothing is more fun than putting up christmas....
especially when you get to play in the christmas tree box with your dad!
while we were busy getting dinner ready we came into the living room to discover jovi had been attacked by our entire DVD collection! she was happily just sitting there and enjoying it...
then reese had to have his turn...
jovi wearing shanea's dress. (shanea was so small when she was little that she was three or four years old when this fit her. She remembers wearing it!)
bath time is my favorite time of day. these two are hilarious in the tub. 
Brad turned 31 on the 7th. We decided not to do gifts this year, so instead reese and i made him colored rice crispie treats (reese calls them christmas treats) and bought him all of his favorite candy and drinks. That night we went to the ward christmas party and the kids had a ball. They visited with santa, ate tons of food and candy canes and ran around like mad little villans. The band made brad sing "i'm a little teacup" and then the entire ward sang happy birthday to him. it was pretty fun.
reese asked santa for a jake and the pirates boat that goes in the bath
jovi was satisfied with her candy cane