Thursday, July 19, 2012

vintage baby

Just a couple of pictures of jovi wearing some of my baby clothes.

the things he says:

Reese is a hoot. He is so full of personality and says the funniest things:

The other day we were going to the splash pad. When we got out of the car Reese saw a little girl and said in a super excited voice, "Mom! I want to punch that girl in the FACE! Her shoes are SO CUTE! We have to buy some for Jovi!" 

We say prayers every night. And for Reese it's a love/hate thing. Sometimes he is all for it and other nights we are forcing him to say prayers. Well, the other night he had a bad dream. So that night we asked in our prayers to have good dreams. Reese woke up the next morning and said, "Jesus Christ helped me, Mom! I didn't have any bad dreams!"

When he saw a decoration in my Mom's house, "CUTE!.... Darling." OMH. I thought that was so funny. 

He always calls his sister "Jovi, Joves".
reese and jovi ready for church.. probably my favorite picture ever!

Reese is a clumsy little thing. He has more bruises and bumps than I can count. 

this picture of his legs does not do it justice
but maybe this picture of his face does! dirty and scuffed from falling off his bike.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

This was seriously the best fourth ever! I had a great day with no stress and just lots of fun. I really loved it. We went to Plain City and Reese rode his bike in the parade with his cousins. 
check out that sweet crepe paper
jovi enjoyed the parade

after the parade we had breakfast at bryce and sally's and then went to the plain city park. reese jumped on all the bounce house's and went down all the slides.
after that we went to the layton park. 
reese had a ball hanging out with all his cousins and playing at the park. as you can see none of them are in the pictures because they were off having so much fun.
then we went back to mom's and had a big BBQ and lit fireworks. to top off the night we went to layton fireworks. it was the first year that reese didn't sit on one of our laps. he just played with all of the kids and went crazy. jovi slept right through them until the finale. it was a great holiday.

Monday, July 9, 2012

summa time

jovi loves to be upside down
noah and jovi
reese loves to get out of the bathtub and lay on the floor. he pretends he is a dinosaur or a rock or a turtle and i have to come and step on whatever it is he is that day. he is a funny honey. 

i have been giving jovi most of her baths in the sink. it's just so much easier! she splashes like a mad woman.
 this was the first time jovi pulled herself up from laying down to sitting. she was pretty pleased with herself. YAY JOVI!
little miss is totally into solid foods. she loves graham crackers and green beans. 
daddy and reese playing games
daddy's girl
this was the morning of the spartan race. brad and his brothers all ran it. 13 miles and 25 obstocales. they finished in about 4 hours and brad almost died. but he signed up for next year... good luck with that! is all i have to say. 
mile 12
he's putting on a smile for the camera, but he was exhausted and hurting. 
silliest girl
oh yeah, and we got a dog. she is very sweet and very gentle and very good. couldn't be happier and more surprised that we actually got a dog.