Thursday, July 19, 2012

the things he says:

Reese is a hoot. He is so full of personality and says the funniest things:

The other day we were going to the splash pad. When we got out of the car Reese saw a little girl and said in a super excited voice, "Mom! I want to punch that girl in the FACE! Her shoes are SO CUTE! We have to buy some for Jovi!" 

We say prayers every night. And for Reese it's a love/hate thing. Sometimes he is all for it and other nights we are forcing him to say prayers. Well, the other night he had a bad dream. So that night we asked in our prayers to have good dreams. Reese woke up the next morning and said, "Jesus Christ helped me, Mom! I didn't have any bad dreams!"

When he saw a decoration in my Mom's house, "CUTE!.... Darling." OMH. I thought that was so funny. 

He always calls his sister "Jovi, Joves".
reese and jovi ready for church.. probably my favorite picture ever!

Reese is a clumsy little thing. He has more bruises and bumps than I can count. 

this picture of his legs does not do it justice
but maybe this picture of his face does! dirty and scuffed from falling off his bike.

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Jill said...

What a big boy, crazy! I am loving Jovi in your cute clothes, how freaking sweet is that!