Saturday, March 16, 2013

So, the last week has been really good! The weather has warmed up and it has done wonders for all of us! brad and i have started exercising and i have worked out 4 times this week and it's only friday! that's pretty dang amazing for me! we have also started to read our scriptures together before we go to bed and i am actually enjoying it. it's kind of nice to discuss these things together and brad is so smart about it all that he answers all of my silly questions. i think we have reached the point in our marriage where we have stopped pretending for the most part. we each know who the other person really is and we have mostly stopped trying to change one another. instead we encourage each other instead of pushing. it's a beautiful thing.

last week jovi was really sick with a fever and this week she is not sleeping because of teething. it's seems like there is always something going on with her to keep us up at night. but her sweet little spirit makes up for it all. she has exploded with saying words. she says: dad-dy, eeese (reese), puppy, ipad, nonono, all gone (and lifts her little hands in the air to show it. and lots of other little things that i can't think of. she also babbles on and on all the time. i love this stage.
this face makes me laugh!

Reese is my challenge. I don't know why. He is just as sweet as can be, but he has a hard time doing what he is told. If I tell him to get his shoes on he will dilly-dally until I ask him five times and end up yelling. I really hate yelling... so we made a deal recently that I would try and give him more time to do things, and he has to actually do them in a timely manner. It's going ok. I am trying to control my temper and I guess that is the best I can do.

and that's that!