Monday, October 21, 2013


yes... i have been such a slacker on my blog.... so i will play a little catch-up. in august i started working part time again, about 24 hours a week. i changed positions and now work in the lab 2-3 days a week for 11 hour shifts. i will just say it has been a rough adjustment for me. i really just wanted to quit right when i started, but we really need the money. we kind of killed ourselves this summer with brad not working and going to school instead and used a credit card (which i swear we will never ever do again). needless to say we kind of got into a bad situation. well, i am just trying to pay off that debt as fast as possible and never ever do it again. so... right after i started working again, brad and i both started school. i took this class that was so stinking hard that halfway through the semester i decided to drop it. i haven't ever dropped a class before and it was a really big deal to me. but i was really struggling with it and i didn't need it for my degree. which by the way i finally declared: health promotion. also right after i started working i found out i am am pregnant with our precious number three! yay! so all of a sudden, i went from having a wonderful most amazing relaxing summer to working a lot of hours, (more than i wanted to), taking three hard classes and being completely exhausted and sick. it was hard. i went home crying several days and even cried at work. i felt really pathetic. i just hit sixteen weeks and i am feeling SO much better. i am so happy about that, and my stress has fallen since i dropped that class too. the only unfortunate thing is that i feel like we still aren't in a good place financially, but i guess if that's the worst of my problems i will survive.

reese just had his fifth birthday yesterday. on saturday we took him down to the build a bear store in salt lake and he picked out his own puppy. he named it troy and has happily been toting it around ever since. i really adore reese. he is so sweet and so soft spoken. in the car he will try to talk to me and tell me things and i always have to tell him to talk louder because i can barely hear him. he is an amazing big brother. he is so patient with jovi. he seriously lets her do anything to him, and is a good example. he shows her how to eat food and play with toys, jumps with her on the tramp and takes her down the slide. he started going to head start about a month ago and is doing really well. he loves playing video games, he would ALL day if i would let him. he played soccer this season for the first time and did pretty good. i would say he was one of the best players on the team and scored quite a few goals. i love this little man.
first soccer game

jovi is a hoot. she says the funniest things... lately she has been waking up in the night.. i hear her jabbering and ignore her until she fakes a cry. last night i went up at five a.m. knowing full well that she was fine. i opened the door and she fake sneezed! and then said, that's funny mommy!!!!!

the night before that i went up at three and she asked me about her "bod-whys" aka ballons... mama, where'd the bod-whys go???
brad told me that today she said: where's the bebe (binky)? the bebe's hiding. 
she adores reese and follows him everywhere. she also loves her stuffed animals and treats them like they are babies. she loves to feed them and tuck them into blankets and give them kisses. she refuses to eat anything. and is starting to fight naps, but i am making her push on through. i need them!
jovi insisted on wearing reese's spider man unders

big yellow slide at the state fair. jovi loved it this time.
we went to park city for a night
jackson, jacob, reese & josh "the lil' grasshoppers"
first day of preschool

brad and i celebrated our TEN year anniversary in september! can you believe it???? time just goes by so fast. we went and spent the night in salt lake. brad surprised me and we went and rode go carts and went to a comedy club. we really had fun spending time just the two of us. i just wish it had lasted a little longer. we are SUPER lame and this was the first year we did not write ten things about the year... we were both just so overwhelmed with school and everything. we are still planning on doing it. we just need to set down a date, and pronto or else it won't ever happen. none the less, it has been an amazing ten years and i wouldn't trade them for the world.
well that's it! i am going to be better. i wan to remember things that have been going on... no more waiting months in between.