Sunday, July 26, 2009

24th parade & flood

we went to ogden's down town parade for the 24th.. it was fun, but LONG & HOT. we ended up leaving before it even ended cause it had been over two hours.
by the end reese was so tuckered out he had to crash in the stroller. there was even a fake gun fight going on at this time and he conked out anyway.
bryce and sal met us there. gotta love the laughs!

me and love bug

the whole clan! boualay and her fam came with us too! she has such sweet kids. some people let us use their lawn chairs cause their friends didn't show. it was SWEET!

the budwiser clydesdale horses

yeah, so our basement flooded this week. we had to tear out all of our carpet and get a plumber out here and call the home owners insurance.. it was a total mess. luckily there isn't too much damage and we just have to get it all dried out.. hopefully we don't get mold and then we can just clean the carpets and have them relayed. let's just hope. so it was a pipe in the sprinkling system that broke and brad is going to dig it up tomorrow and we will see if he and george can figure out how to replace it.. FUN TIMES.. NOT!
this is just outside the basement window.. totally covered in water!

grandparents from texas

brad's grandparents came up from texas for a visit. on saturday night we went to buca de beppo for a night out. we got to eat in the pope's room. pretty rockin!

bryce, sal and bent

lynn & grandma daleen

pa pa dean, aunt ruth and lauren

our little fam

lynn & george

reese is enjoying his delicious bread

party time!

we had our usual sunday dinner today at brad's family's! reese is eating a lot more solid food and it is just hysterical to watch him get it in his mouth. i just had to post some pics
this is his first time eating watermelon, he got it all over but LOVED it!
he and bentley also got to try oreo cookies for the first time today. reese looked like he had a goatie and and bentley looked like he had a little hitler mustasche and chest hair! i couldn't get enough!

needless to say they had to be bathed after their hay day with the food! i love how they are so different.
happy birthday lauren! she is my DARLING little niece that just turned... um, nine? ten??? must be ten! cause i remember something about double digits! being a mommy kills my brain. anyway we went to her birthday party tonight. she is such a sweetie, and poor thing has to get her tonsils out tomorrow. good luck la la and I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, July 19, 2009



Sunday, July 12, 2009

summa time july

just thought i would do a lil update of reese. as you can see above he loves to feed himself and he is very proud and thinks it's so funny when the food actually makes it into his mouth!

silly silly face, also dirty dirty face.

watching Dora the Explorer. ok i usually don't just put him in front of the electronic baby sitter, but i was trying to get some things done. and lately reese has been quite the needy little man, screaming if i even stand up. but i was surprised at how much he paid attention to it.

reese loves brad's pen, he also loves to stab dad with it. here brad is dead, from being wounded in the neck.
4th of july baby
happy little man
serious nakey boy
he LOVES to swing! i think we will be going to the park more often. he gets a little nervous and has to stop for a minute and then really wants to be swung again. sounds like his mama.

i love my little reese. lately he has been giving five, eating big people food like hamburger and noodles, switching positions (no crawling yet but when he lays on his stomach he scoots backwards), and going to sleep all on his own without whining or anything. what a good boy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

a good day.

see what i woke up to this morning? what a sweet husband!

reese has learned how to FAKE LAUGH. it is so funny! he will be totally sober and then just let out this silly little cackle and squint his eyes closed! hahah! see below!

yesterday we went to alexa and trevor's sealing at the salt lake temple. it was awesome. alexa has been one of my best friends since jr. high and it was so sweet to see them sealed together. they are such a cute couple. when alexa walked into the sealing room i could see her eyes already welling up with tears. love you lex and of course congratulations!

the funny thing about lex and i is that people always think we are sisters. i think we do look a little alike. when i walked into the waiting room, some guy walked up to me and said, " well alexa's sister is here so we must be in the right spot." i just laughed and told him that yes this is the right place but no we aren't real sisters.

alexa and trevor coming out the doors... aww...