Saturday, February 28, 2009

rice cereal

our little man reese is such a big boy now! he has been eating rice cereal this week and is thinking we are just a little crazy. we've only given it to him twice, but i think he is catching on pretty quickly. he opens his mouth for bites, but once the cereal gets in his mouth he isn't quite sure what to do.

first bite
"i guess this is supposed to be good..."

"i'll think about it"

"i think i like it!"

"but at least it's over... for now!!!"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

4 month check up

reese went to the doctor yesterday and he is a BIG BOY! seriously!

he weighed: 16 lbs. 6 oz. which is the 90th %

his length: 26.8 inches which is ABOVE the 100th% so he is TALL

his head circumference: 41.5 cm which is the 25th%

he had to get his shots but he did really good. i always feel so bad when he has to get poked.

reese has come very far since his 2 month check up. he laughs all the time now, sits in his bumbo, plays with rattles and musical toys, loves his mobile and his giraffe. he is a good big boy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

sew cute!

on wednesday i decided to get a little crafy. reese took a rockin 3 hour nap so i had a ton of time to get a few projects done.

this is the bucket of thread that has lived at my mom's house for about 20 years. i think i am the first person to use it since 1970.

after reese woke up he was helping me in a big way.

first i made reese a new flannel blankie. it turned out really good, i really need to buy one of those cutting boards and rotary cutters. it's hard to make something square with just scissors and my kitchen table as straight edges!
i figure this can be his parsley blanket.

next i made a couple of binkie clips. i made one for reese and one for mr. bentley.

then i made little taggie footballs for the boys too. not too many boy craft projects out there, but i loved this one!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


8 favorite tv shows
1. the office
2. king of queens
3. intervention
4. i survived
5. john & kate +8
6. kath & kim
7. malcolm in the middle
8. biggest loser

8 things I did yesterday
1. watched the movie ghost town (and laughed my butt off)
2. snuggled with my baby
3. had good sex, sorry if it's T.M.I.! hahah!
4. put a sign on my entertainment center that said free, and less than an hour later it was gone
5. snuggled with my baby boy and smiled with him
6. ate leftover chicken tacos
7. tried for the billionth time to get a ring tone on my new phone... am i dumb? i don't get it.. it REALLY shouldn't be this hard..
8. did ALL the laundry..
it was a pretty eventful day..

8 things I look forward to
1. making reese laugh more and more
2. brad finishing school
3. taking a long bath/shower
4. using my gift certificates for the spa
5. making things, crafty things
6. eating chicken tacos AGAIN.. seriously i LOVE them!
7. getting reese's pictures taken again
8. snuggling with my hubby in bed tonight

8 favorite Restaurants
1. macaroni grill
2. noodles & co.
3. cutlers
4. applebees
5. la ferrovia
6. paradise bakery
7. taco time
8. jamba juice

8 things I wish for
1. for us to always be a happy family
2. vacation, anytime anywhere
3. that i only had to work 2 days instead of 3
4. that i would finish school
5. for brad to finish school
6. that my parents live a long time
7. that my teeth would floss themselves
8. that it was socially acceptable to not wear a bra

8 people I tag
1. amber
2. shandee
3. sals
4. jenn
5. michelle
6. keri
7. amy
8. i can't think of anyone else.... brain fart...

Monday, February 16, 2009

all you need is love

reese is such a little sweetheart. last night when i got up to feed him at about 3, he ate and was wide awake. he just let the little pacifier fall out of his mouth and just snuggled up and stared at me forever. it reminded me of the first night in the hospital. i love that little cutie pie.

for valentines day we went to matt and jenn's and grilled steak and had a nice dinner. bryce and sally were there too and we all got the kids to bed and played with conversations cards. it was really fun. brad gave me a new camera and i got him a bunch of candy and a little monkey. (not to mention he got a brand new 46" tv a couple of days before) i love my hubby. he spoils me rotten. we went and did a little shopping too and i got a new phone, accessories and a couple of new clothes.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

reese cracking up

it's a little grainy, but so freaking CUTE!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"my name is reeses cup"

for reese to fall asleep we have to put him in the crook of my arm, binky in mouth, blanket over head and rocking... he likes the blanket on his head so much i leave it when i get him in his crib.

just chillin with daddy

reese was being totally fussy when we got these pictures all of a sudden he decided to love the camera.

who do you think he looks like?

we are definately obsessed with making our little man smile. this last week he has laughed out loud quite a few times. it's awesome! i really want to post a video but for some reason blogger won't let me! i am going to try again anyway. the first time he laughed for us we were tickling his little pits and biting his ribs, he was totally cracking up. now he just does it randomly when we are talking or when he sees his dad. seriously love him to pieces.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

buca de beppo

in brad's family we have this really fun tradition, we all go out to dinner and get everything we want, drinks, appitizers, meals and desserts and brad's grandpa pays the bill. so this year we went to buca de beppo. it was really fun! the food was fab and we all had a really good time. i totally got sick and had to leave for half of the dinner, but other than that it was a blast. our waiter was really cool too, he juggled lemons for us and sang a song, i mean really sang a song! needless to say he got an awesome tip. this is the first year in several that i lost the bet! we always guess how much the tab will be, and i am blaming it on my sickness that i didn't win! oh well! brad's fam is awesome, we have so much fun together and i just love them.

blaine and maveri

corlin and quinten

lynn and george

jenn and matt

sav, brad and reesey
bryce, sals and bentley

update at 15 weeks

happy super bowl sunday! reese is wearing his sport shirt for the occasion.

this is reese's best friend. he LOVES him, gives him hugs, sucks on his ears and squeezes him in the night and in his car seat.. SOOOO CUTE!

look at this big man grabbing the frog that plays the music! LOVE IT!

just a cute chunka munka!