Tuesday, February 17, 2009


8 favorite tv shows
1. the office
2. king of queens
3. intervention
4. i survived
5. john & kate +8
6. kath & kim
7. malcolm in the middle
8. biggest loser

8 things I did yesterday
1. watched the movie ghost town (and laughed my butt off)
2. snuggled with my baby
3. had good sex, sorry if it's T.M.I.! hahah!
4. put a sign on my entertainment center that said free, and less than an hour later it was gone
5. snuggled with my baby boy and smiled with him
6. ate leftover chicken tacos
7. tried for the billionth time to get a ring tone on my new phone... am i dumb? i don't get it.. it REALLY shouldn't be this hard..
8. did ALL the laundry..
it was a pretty eventful day..

8 things I look forward to
1. making reese laugh more and more
2. brad finishing school
3. taking a long bath/shower
4. using my gift certificates for the spa
5. making things, crafty things
6. eating chicken tacos AGAIN.. seriously i LOVE them!
7. getting reese's pictures taken again
8. snuggling with my hubby in bed tonight

8 favorite Restaurants
1. macaroni grill
2. noodles & co.
3. cutlers
4. applebees
5. la ferrovia
6. paradise bakery
7. taco time
8. jamba juice

8 things I wish for
1. for us to always be a happy family
2. vacation, anytime anywhere
3. that i only had to work 2 days instead of 3
4. that i would finish school
5. for brad to finish school
6. that my parents live a long time
7. that my teeth would floss themselves
8. that it was socially acceptable to not wear a bra

8 people I tag
1. amber
2. shandee
3. sals
4. jenn
5. michelle
6. keri
7. amy
8. i can't think of anyone else.... brain fart...


Darrik and Kami said...

You kill me! Great sex!! hahahaha I totally love the video of Reese laughing. That is the cutest thing ever. I need to video my little guy more. So fun. I am still going to call you. Don't think I forgot.

The Bates Family said...

Way to please the lady Brad!