Sunday, February 1, 2009

buca de beppo

in brad's family we have this really fun tradition, we all go out to dinner and get everything we want, drinks, appitizers, meals and desserts and brad's grandpa pays the bill. so this year we went to buca de beppo. it was really fun! the food was fab and we all had a really good time. i totally got sick and had to leave for half of the dinner, but other than that it was a blast. our waiter was really cool too, he juggled lemons for us and sang a song, i mean really sang a song! needless to say he got an awesome tip. this is the first year in several that i lost the bet! we always guess how much the tab will be, and i am blaming it on my sickness that i didn't win! oh well! brad's fam is awesome, we have so much fun together and i just love them.

blaine and maveri

corlin and quinten

lynn and george

jenn and matt

sav, brad and reesey
bryce, sals and bentley


Renee, Wayne, and Apri Larson said...

Lucky you!!! Sounds like fun!

The Bates Family said...

can i be a part of brad's family?

Boualay said...

I love it when parents or grandparents pay for things like... great food! I remember getting sick while eating the fried calamari only b/c it was swimming in oil tho. It looks like Bucca de Beppo was divertimento (fun in Italian)!

Minwimm said...

Fun tradition.

Minwimm said...

Me again. Your tagged check out my blog. Later Gater.

The Cantwell Clan said...

LOVE that pic of Blaine and Maveri! (okay, they were all cute, but for some reason I just really love that one.)

Fun times!

Love you!

Darrik and Kami said...

What a fun tradition! I wish I had grandparents like that. When my grandparents go, I'll they'll leave is a bill. LOL! It was good to see you yesterday, even though it was for half a second. You look great and I'm going to call you I promise. We need to get together soon so our babies can be buds! Love you!

Renee, Wayne, and Apri Larson said...

You have won an award go to my blog to find out what award.