Sunday, March 14, 2010

ski bum!

back when i was in high school i tried snow boarding. i hated it so much and had such a horrid experience i swore i would never try it again.. besides, i hate being cold, spending money on things that don't last, and feeling like i am stuck in a situation that i can't get out of... but then, my brother in law bryce, gets me some sweet skis, some sweet bindings, boots, coat, pants... sheesh! how am i supposed to say no to these things!?!?! i mean really i can't. i got them a year ago, and weasled my way out of going. so this year brad has been dying to go, and i have been carefully avoiding it, (to save my life). i was SO scared. he finally talked me into going and it was SO MUCH FUN! i couldn't believe it. we went up to powder mountain. we just got a day pass for the little hill, and that was plenty. and the best part was that i have friends up there who are ski instructors! yay! so i tried going down one run by myself. with the help of madi and brad, but neither of them are skiers, so they were just trying to get me down the hill alive. i made it.. and i insisted on getting a coke. luckily lisa (awesome neighbor/friend) was done with he lesson. so she went on a couple of runs with me and i think i only fell like 3 or 4 times the rest of the day. i am grateful for my hub. he made me go and i was really nervous, but it was such a good time i want to go more. it was a perfect little date. i am so grateful for lisa too! she is truly one of the most down to earth people i have ever met and i am glad to have her in my life, even if it's hardly ever. loves, sav
"what up fool?? don'tcha love my bling???"

"i likes my williams paint hoodie!"

"mmm... chicken noodle! i so freaking good at feeding myself!"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

what's up!


reese really wants to stir the pot when i am cooking. he can't cause i am sure that would end in disaster, so instead he gets to pull a chair up to the sink and play with the faucet.

reese loves to accessorize. as you can see he is wearing his favorite lanyard and my belt. Most days he is wearing a bracelet/wristband and a head band also.. love it!

 shanea brought us some cookies back from hawaii.. guess who loved them the most???

we went out to union grill with b&s last week. the boys got up on the trains to explore. so fun.. these guys are the cutest dads ever... love em!

Monday, March 1, 2010

first hair cut

business up front, party in the back!

the magic scissors

final product... 

we decided reese's hair need just a tad off the back. so we got him in his high chair, gave him some candy, and snip, snip... he was an angel and looks so handsome.