Thursday, February 24, 2011


last weekend we went to Kanab for a little vacation with my family. We caravanned down with my parents and stopped in gunnison, where we got to see one of the big guns that my dad shot during the korean war. freaking awesome!
we stopped for just a minute at the big rock candy mountain. by the time we got there we had been traveling for what felt like forever so we kept going.
we got to kanab and it started to snow, and snow, and snow. on saturday we tried to go to "the wave", but it was so slippery and there was so much ice on the roads that we all turned back. kade was the leader of the pack and his car slid off the road twice. we all decided that our lives were more important than the hike at that point. everyone went back to the hotel. kade, hallie, lauren, brad, reese and i decided to go to the cowboy movie museum. we were totally stoked, and when we got there it was closed... we realized that almost all of the stores were closed and would re-open in two weeks! haha. so we all decided to walk down main street in the sludge anyway. we stopped at both of the open stores and brad ended up gettting a new wedding ring! i had told him that i wanted to get him one for valentines, but i wanted him to pick it out.  i love it because it is turquoise and that stone holds a special place in my heart.
that was probably my favorite part of the trip. reese loved walking through all the snow and puddles, it was cold but we were all together. kade tried on a million rings too, and later that day we took the whole family and i think almot everyone got a new turquoise ring. except me! they didn't have the one i loved in my size, and the other one i liked kind of bothered my finger. i am still regretting not getting one a little though.
the next day was much more clear. so we tried to go to the north rim at grand canyon.. again, we turned around because the snow got crazy! so we decided to go to dam at lake powell.
the weather got better the closer we got to the lake. we were so happy that we were able to go see some of the sights, finally! 
 hallie, mikey and lauren doing a puzzle
brixton, reese and chandler

reese and i looking at the fish
all the guys: mikey, kade, brad, dad, tanner, drew, reese, brixton, dylan and chandler
all the girls: terra, debbie, sav, shanea, mom, lauren, and hallie
 we went across this brdge to town and ate mexican food and went to look for more rings. we realized it was five and that we had to leave that night. so we took off. it was so nice to get away and see some sweet red rock. even though it was mostly covered with snow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's hard to believe that i never write. i just get so caught up in the daily activities and school and playing with my boys that i forget to write things down. so i am. now.

brad quit his job yesterday. yes, without having a new one. but his life was awful, he couldn't sleep. couldn't concentrate on anything but his job. he was feeling obligated for that to be his entire life. he literally could not take it anymore. he told me he wanted to quit last week, and for the last nine months since he got this crock of a job. so i told him to go ahead. we have a little bit in savings. not much, but hopefully it will get us through until something else comes along. and hopefully that will be soon. he quit yesterday, and he already has a job interview set up for next week. i really think everything is going to work out. i cannot believe some of the things that this poor man has put up with. if i were him i would have walked out the day i walked in.

reese my little angel, is growing up so fast. i love him to the core. my favorite things about him right now are: when he says "tubby time" thank heaven i caught it on video before it's too late, how he says "please" for everything, especially cany, cooks, nax, moke, juice, thomas, reese pic, da-y, come grampa's house, etc. my little guy knows what he wants. we have also been working on counting. he counted from 3-10 the other day without any help at all. i was crying the other day and he said, "mommy sad?" i said yes, and he kissed the tears off my cheeks and gave me the biggest loves.

as for me. it seems like all i do is pick up my house, and do homework and wish it was warm outside. i know it will be soon, i just can't wait for my final math class to be over and for life to move on. i wish i would have gotten all my school out of the way before i had so much to do. i just never realized. oh well, at least i am doing it now. one day. aww, summer, come here soon.