Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's hard to believe that i never write. i just get so caught up in the daily activities and school and playing with my boys that i forget to write things down. so i am. now.

brad quit his job yesterday. yes, without having a new one. but his life was awful, he couldn't sleep. couldn't concentrate on anything but his job. he was feeling obligated for that to be his entire life. he literally could not take it anymore. he told me he wanted to quit last week, and for the last nine months since he got this crock of a job. so i told him to go ahead. we have a little bit in savings. not much, but hopefully it will get us through until something else comes along. and hopefully that will be soon. he quit yesterday, and he already has a job interview set up for next week. i really think everything is going to work out. i cannot believe some of the things that this poor man has put up with. if i were him i would have walked out the day i walked in.

reese my little angel, is growing up so fast. i love him to the core. my favorite things about him right now are: when he says "tubby time" thank heaven i caught it on video before it's too late, how he says "please" for everything, especially cany, cooks, nax, moke, juice, thomas, reese pic, da-y, come grampa's house, etc. my little guy knows what he wants. we have also been working on counting. he counted from 3-10 the other day without any help at all. i was crying the other day and he said, "mommy sad?" i said yes, and he kissed the tears off my cheeks and gave me the biggest loves.

as for me. it seems like all i do is pick up my house, and do homework and wish it was warm outside. i know it will be soon, i just can't wait for my final math class to be over and for life to move on. i wish i would have gotten all my school out of the way before i had so much to do. i just never realized. oh well, at least i am doing it now. one day. aww, summer, come here soon.


Cara said...

Good for you, hanging in there and going to school. I had a semester left basically after Marin was born and it was SO hard! Good luck with Brad finding a better job too. I'm sorry he had to put up with such a crappy job for so long. Summer will get here someday I hope!

Avree said...

Good luck with the job hunting, that can be so stressful! I have the winter blues too, it's so much harder when you have a little one to be cooped up inside!

CKE said...

Good for Brad for getting out of his miserable job! I did that a couple months ago. It took me like 6 weeks to find something else, but it happened. I'm sure things will work out for him and you guys. And the school thing- I'm jealous! I need to finish my schooling too and I think it's great that you're doing it and sticking to it! Hopefully it'll fly by quickly. :)

As for the warmer weather... I know someone who lives in California who would love visitors and would let you stay at her apt for free... ;)

Love you girly, I hope things get better soon! :)