Monday, March 26, 2012

this is how it is.

our life changed really fast. like in a week. it kind of sucks.

brad was just going to school full time, i had been wanting and he had been wanting too, for him to get a job. well, he did. i just didn't expect him to be gone ALL THE TIME. well he was. and there was an end in sight, because he was just in training.... well, training came and went, and we got a call from the stake president. we went in and brad got called to be our ward clerk.

which meant he is  going to be gone on wednesday nights and sundays pretty much all day long... hmmm..... what a delight. so now he works monday, tuesday, thursday, friday, and saturday nights. he is at the bishopric meetings on wednesday nights and we have family dinner on sunday nights. brad also has school on monday, wednesday and friday and i work on wednesday. that leaves us tuesday and thursday mornings to see each other and to be together as a family.

it freaking sucks.

i am glad he got his calling, i am glad he got his job. i just thought that we would still see each other. and we don't. and i am a little lonely. and it's sad because he doesn't hardly get to see the kids, and heaven knows when he is doing his homework... and working out just went out the window....i am just sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. no big deal. things will be ok.

Friday, March 23, 2012


my mom and dad seem to always come up with sweet nicknames for the kids and grand kids. i don't want to forget them so i am compiling a list

Savannah- Bannie

Jovi- Little Miss Muffet

Reese- Gulla or Gulla-ma-goo

Kade- Kader-ader

Brixton- Brixy

Chandler- Chan Man or Little Man

Lauren- LaLa

Shanea- Shanea Maria

Hallie- Sallie Ray Hectol or Sallie Ray

Logan- Log-a-load or Log

Drew- Drewser

Darlene- Darlene Marie

Tanner- Tan Man

Tyler- Ty-Tac

four month check up

little miss just got her shots.
Jovi is four months old now. She weighed in at 13.3 pounds (3rd percentile), she was 24.8 inches long (61st percentile) and her head was 16 inches (33rd percentile). Overall she is pretty average in size and still growing. She is having a little bit of stranger anxiety. She is ok if momma is right there,but if not she gets nervous and that bottom lip pops right out. The last couple of weeks I have noticed that she has been a little more fidgety and not sleeping through the night, so we have converted to formula for most feedings. I still try and breast feed her in the morning and sometimes at night. But this girl shares her opinion. She lets us know she wants the bottle and booby will not do! I have also started to give her some rice cereal once a day. She either gobbles it down or spits it right out.
Jovi loves to laugh! She is a serious giggle box. She likes to cheer for Layton High, She loves to sing "Hello, Hello" while being bounced, she likes to be tossed in the air too. But most of all she loves to laugh at Reese. He will do almost anything to make her laugh. He bounces around and makes funny noises and faces and she is delighted with the entertainment.

Friday, March 16, 2012


jovi and i had a little photo shoot yesterday. she is such a sweet little pea! she is slightly obsessed with her tongue and loves to play with it. 
she is quite the little smiler and big time drooler. i think i may need to start having her wear a bib if her shirt is to stay dry for five minutes. she has been waking up a lot this week in the night. i am hoping it is just a growth spurt for my sanity... she ended up getting in bed with us last night. oh well, sometimes you just do what you have to do right? i can admit i do love snuggling with her in my bed... it's a rare and precious occasion. 
sometimes i love to look at jovi from this angle. her little cheeks just crack me up. i love her. 

another smiley shot.
she still grasps her hands together all the time and is still occasionally a thumb/finger sucker.
love my littles. 
reese is truly the best big brother to jovi. he loves to hold her and kiss her and hug her. he tells me at night that he will be lonely for her. reese has adjusted to our new family of four and life is good again. for a while there i was freaking out and stressed that if it was going to be that hard forever then i didn't know what we were going to do. i think life has gotten easier for him too now that he is accustomed to preschool and our new schedule. we have also been going and doing fun things every week like the zoo or the treehouse museum.  
at the top of oakhills drive there is the surf and swim water tower. reese calls it "our water tower" because he knows that when we turn there we are on our way to grandma and grandpas house. we talk a lot about this water tower and a few months ago he informed me that sharks live in it and we can't swim in it because of the sharks and because it is so deep. he also told me that sharks only eat black fish like his shoes and that polar bears eat all kinds of fish. we have these kinds of conversations often and i am learning new things all the time. ;) 
since the weather has warmed up i have started going walking with a friend a couple of times a week. i know it isn't much but it is a start for a non-exerciser like me. this is jovi's first real walk of the season. 

brad started a new job at texas roadhouse and will be bringing home some bacon! i think it will be good for him. i know i enjoy a little time at work. 

so that's about it for our life right now. i like it. things are good. motherhood is good. life is good.