Friday, March 16, 2012


jovi and i had a little photo shoot yesterday. she is such a sweet little pea! she is slightly obsessed with her tongue and loves to play with it. 
she is quite the little smiler and big time drooler. i think i may need to start having her wear a bib if her shirt is to stay dry for five minutes. she has been waking up a lot this week in the night. i am hoping it is just a growth spurt for my sanity... she ended up getting in bed with us last night. oh well, sometimes you just do what you have to do right? i can admit i do love snuggling with her in my bed... it's a rare and precious occasion. 
sometimes i love to look at jovi from this angle. her little cheeks just crack me up. i love her. 

another smiley shot.
she still grasps her hands together all the time and is still occasionally a thumb/finger sucker.
love my littles. 
reese is truly the best big brother to jovi. he loves to hold her and kiss her and hug her. he tells me at night that he will be lonely for her. reese has adjusted to our new family of four and life is good again. for a while there i was freaking out and stressed that if it was going to be that hard forever then i didn't know what we were going to do. i think life has gotten easier for him too now that he is accustomed to preschool and our new schedule. we have also been going and doing fun things every week like the zoo or the treehouse museum.  
at the top of oakhills drive there is the surf and swim water tower. reese calls it "our water tower" because he knows that when we turn there we are on our way to grandma and grandpas house. we talk a lot about this water tower and a few months ago he informed me that sharks live in it and we can't swim in it because of the sharks and because it is so deep. he also told me that sharks only eat black fish like his shoes and that polar bears eat all kinds of fish. we have these kinds of conversations often and i am learning new things all the time. ;) 
since the weather has warmed up i have started going walking with a friend a couple of times a week. i know it isn't much but it is a start for a non-exerciser like me. this is jovi's first real walk of the season. 

brad started a new job at texas roadhouse and will be bringing home some bacon! i think it will be good for him. i know i enjoy a little time at work. 

so that's about it for our life right now. i like it. things are good. motherhood is good. life is good.

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