Monday, December 29, 2008

i love new york

actually i just love a girl from new york! nicole (my niece) came to visit for about total of 36 hours! so we tried to get alot of time in with her. i'm pretty sure the reason she even bothered coming was to see our little reesey.

speaking of which, reese has had a really rough week. on monday he got his shots and ever since then things have been really off. he has gotten really sick and we had to take him to the kids care. they said it was a stomach bug and gave us some medicine which has seemed to help a bit. poor little guy has been inconsolable and crying alot. and the poor thing hasn't been napping during the day at all unless someone is holding him. if we put him in his crib he wakes right up crying again. i think he is feeling better today finally because he has been smiling and cooing quite a bit! what a week to get sick!

aunt terra and uncle kade love this little man

terra, reese, me, brad, brixton and nicole playing last night

nicole and deb came over yesterday so they could have the baby.

Friday, December 26, 2008

"good, good bye, tinsel shine"-jimmy eat world

christmas eve we all got new pajamas
bentley and reese had the same jammies!

reese on christmas morning! so happy with his new toys!

both boys tuckered out

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

two months is so BIG!

it's been a pretty big week for our little reese. he went for his two month check up, got shots, went to his first christmas party, and makes fools of everyone around him so he will smile!

first christmas party and he met tyler for the first time. tyler is my nephew that is three weeks younger than me. we have always been really close.

this is reese with dr. brown. he is quite the big boy, weighing in at 13 pounds 5 ounces (95th %), 24.5 inches long (95th %), and a 38.5 cm head (20th %). so he has a pretty small head compared to his body! haha, he is such a chunk!

waiting for the doctor to come in

he was very happy that morning so i had to snap a picture! i think he loves his daddy quite a bit!

here's a video of reese! i finally figured out how to use the camcorder thing on my camera! woot, woot, go me! anyway, i was trying to get a picture of his sad little lip! that is exactly what i do when i get sad! poor little reese! i better post a happy video soon too so you can see how cute he is when he isn't sad. =)

Friday, December 19, 2008

snowed in and alone

today brad had to work from 2-10 instead of 8-4 for some reason, so it was really nice having him home this morning and getting to sleep in, but now it's four and he normally would be getting home soon. but he isn't and my dad made me promise not to go anywhere cause the roads are so bad... so here i sit. how about a tag???

i am: comfortable in my life

i think: everyone should get to be a mommy

i am happy: even in the middle of the night when reese is eating and making his funny noises

i have: the best husband

i miss: laughing with emily at work all day, having girlfriends that are close

i fear: death of my loved ones

i feel: like i eat way too much junk food

i smell: like breast milk, seriously it has a smell, and i have to shower everyday or else i am grossed out

i usually: have my toenails painted, but not lately

i search: walmart everytime i am there for those little things that hold your sheets down, and i can't ever find them

i wonder: if brad is happy cause i know he wants a new job.

i regret: not going to school more

i love: my family, my friends, saying prayers with brad every night

i care about: my cat, but i am not as good to him as i used to be

i tell: secrets.. most of the time

i worry: because i never work out, and i don't want to gain weight

i am not: looking forward to going back to work, but i think it will be good for me.

i remember: everything, the most random details about EVERYTHING... brad can't get over it

i believe: in miracles. i have had several in the last year

i dance: not enough. i LOVE to dance, i love it. i could do it every night

i sing: to reese every day, you are my sunshine, good night sweetheart, tiny little tot

i don’t always: appreciate my husband as much as i should, he deserves more credit

i don’t like: to swear anymore. i used to do it just to tick people off

i write: on my blog, and on my family website

i win: at guessing how much dinner will cost for the whole cantwell family, including appitizers, main course and dessert, every year

i lose: patience with breastfeeding, but i am SOO much better than i was a month ago

i wish: i had a million dollars, i would do some good

i never: eat the last bite of anything. it always goes in the garbage, weird i know

i listen: to baby grunts, malcom in the middle, coldplay and rain

i don't understand: jokes sometimes, i just don't get it and no one wants to tell me

i am scared: that i don't get out enough

i need: hugs and love all the time

i forget: when i am mad, it's just not worth it

i am happy: that i am so blessed, that i like my hair, that my husband teases me and hugs me in the night, that i can make my little one smile, and that i have a flushing toilet

i tag: mindy, amber, jamie, melissa and anyone else who wants to, i would love to read.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

smile caught!


there's the smile!!!

i have been trying to get this in a picture forever now! yay Reese!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

eight weeks and counting

sleepy little man

a little cross-eyed but so cute!!!

mad at momma

happy naked man

tummy time sweetness
reese just keeps getting cuter and cuter every day! he is now eight weeks old! crazy! he will be two months on the 20th, and boy is he showing it. he keeps growing and is getting little fat rolls everywhere. this week he has been smiling like crazy but i never have the camera out in time for a picture. he LOVES his mobile and his swing and his crib toy that sings and lights up. he smiles and smiles for those things. he also coo's all the time now! love him to death!

Monday, December 8, 2008

happy 27th brad!

yesterday was brad's 27th birthday! i think he had a good birthday, on saturday night we decided to get wild and go see a movie (twilight, and no i didn't force brad to go, he wanted to take me to see it cause he knew i wanted to), so we had my mom and dad watch reese. then we went and got our little man and went to eat at good wood bbq. it was really freaking good, as we were looking at the menu it looked pretty generic and we were contemplating whether it was gonna be any good and it was surprisingly delicious. then we just went home and chilled out. so on sunday we had a little family cake and ice cream party for brad, his family and mine came over and we all ate brownies and played little big planet (that's what reese gave to brad), he got a couple of shirts and a hoodie too. happy birthday brad! i love you to death muffin head!

brad and reestie

reese at seven weeks, gotta love tummy time!

Monday, December 1, 2008

age six racer

he's a mommy's boy cause he loves his hoodies too!

reese and his froggy friend, they are about the same size!

reese is officially six weeks old! i know i say it in every post, but i will say it again! i can't believe how fast time is going by. i want it to slow so i don't have to go back to work and i can stay home with my little guy. i am going to try and find a job closer to home, we will see though... anyway, reese is getting so big! he is getting a lot better at latching on when feeding, some of you know the struggles we have been having. lately though he is doing great! he loves his car seat and falls almost instantly asleep in it as soon as the car starts or the stroller starts riding. the other day brad and i got him in the bath to get ready for bed, he loves the bath and is a happy boy while we wash him and he is really happy when you get him out and all dried off. he just gops around and is really relaxed, well i guess he got a little too relaxed cause he pooped all over when i sat him on the changing table to put on his diaper and clothes! luckily he still had his towel on so we just threw it all in the washer, he looked at us like, "haha, i got you guys!" so stinking (literally) cute! he hasn't done a full fledge gummy smile yet, but he gives me little smiles sometimes when he is getting all cozy and lovey. brad says all the time how he loves him so much and wants to punt him like a football.. i am there with him!