Wednesday, January 20, 2010

27 on the 17th

(reese, sav, bent, sal)
my birthday was on sunday.. 27! time flies by... anyway, it was a good long weekend filled with lots of fun stuff! we went to the auto show with b&s. as you can see we all piled into this huge military truck that they had.

 reese and bent were in the back of the truck, you can tell how freaking huge it was by looking at the guys..

friday night we went to the free dashboard confessional concert, courtesy of the dew tour!
brad and i had so much fun. we sat and watched people slip on a piece of ice for about 30 minutes, and then when the show started we headed for the crowd. we got in the middle and jumped and sang at the top of our lungs. it was so fun, it was like being 19 again.. i miss concerts.

(hello, my love!)
on saturday brad and i went to salt lake for the day. we went and saw the movie the blindside and ate at macaroni grill. seems like we took some pictures, but i can't find them. then we went to trolley square and shopped around. we went to shanea's to get reese and hung out for a while, just talking and having a good time. brad gave me some new perfume! chanel chance, my favorite! what a good hub i have!

(me and drew)
 on sunday my mom had everyone over for dinner to celebrate mine and dylan's birthday. dylan was born on the 17th ten years after me. it was a really good day. other than some family drama... and well, it really isn't a celebration without a little drama right?
(reese and dylan)

reese chowing on leftover home made chicken noodle soup.
my fave.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

walk with me...

reese took his first steps tonight...
just makes me smile.
he is such a big boy, growing up so fast.
i love my baby!

it was awesome because brad and i were both here to see it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

what a week!

ok, so technically not everything in this post was this week. this little guy is my new nephew Cace. Isn't he a beaut? Congrats to bryce, sal and bentley. He is a sweet little man and it actually ten days old today.

reese's fave thing lately is to cruise around with his walker. he literally runs. cutest damn thing.

he also love throwing everything he can find down the stairs. after all the shoes have been tossed down, he goes to the pots and pans and drags them over for their turn.

fat lip. reese biffed it pretty hard, and cut his lip with his teeth. it happened just a little while after he had a super poo explosion.

a smiling shot with his busted lip.

then, being the awesome mom i am, i totally cut his nose with scissors... wasn't that sweet of me? i tried to get a picture of the bandaid on his nose, but as you can see he wasn't having it. it was actually just a little scratch, but it bled forever... poor little guy!

i also have another new hate. math xl. it has put me into tears several times this week. i struggle with math so much anyway, that having to type it into a computer and only have two chances, makes it ten times worse.. hopefully things will get better. i promise to be more positive in the days to come... love, sav

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

things i hate:

-math homework.. and online.. give me a break.
-$142 paychecks that are supposed to be ten times that much.. makes a house payment hard to pay.
-a hub that has to work late and not get paid anything extra for it.. (salary isn't all it's cut out to be)
-cold feet.. i have the heat to 76 and i am still freezing.
-not enough time in the day/week/year to get things clean/done.
-january needs to be over. and it's sad cause i usually love it. it's my birthday. but my birthday doesn't really belong to me anymore.
- i guess this is growing up -blink182

Saturday, January 2, 2010

for the 2010

some things to work on:

-becoming more self aware. i want to think my own thoughts and not be influenced easily by the input of everyone else. i want to express myself in my own ways and not worry about the thoughts of others.

-become more charitable, with my time. volunteer, talk to the elderly at my work, do service.

-put money away in savings. yeah, that's right, this year nothing went in and everything went out! i am thinking ten percent of what brad makes should be enough to start.

-not yell at reese or brad, especially when it is to tell them to "stop yelling".

-listen. before. i. speak.

-become more aware of how i present things to people. not blurt out stupidness....

-apologize when it's appropriate. not when i shouldn't have to. say thank you when i want to even if i feel awkward.

-go on a trip.

-go to church, or read scriptures, teach reese to pray, etc.

-love my husband everyday.

-love my bub everyday.