Friday, August 29, 2008

jam packed

i don't really know what is going on with me lately, but i am totally project oriented. it's actually surprising how motivated i have been. anway whitney and i have been talking about becoming more domestic all summer, so we finally did our first project last night. we made freezer jam!
we used five cases of strawberries, probably 15 boxes of pectin (if not more) and about ten pounds of sugar! here are a few pictures.

this is just my jam! whitney had a huge box filled with her containers too!
we had to reward ourselves and have a little taste! mmm.... jk. this was just to show what a mess we made!
Other Domestic Projects in my Life Include:

1. making a rag time quilt for our baby boy. thanks to melissa who is helping me. cause i have NO experience sewing.

2. getting our couch pillows covered with new fabric (i got all the fabric for nine pillows on sale for 13 bucks!)

3. whitney is going to teach me to crochet baby beanies.

4. sewing aprons, and then taking them to a cake decorating class with us! (another project with whit)

5. spray painting ugly old lawn furniture RED.

there are lots of other things i want to learn to do too... but i think i can only handle so much at a time....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

bentley dean

the newest addition to the cantwell family is here! bentley dean was born on august 20, sometime really early in the morning! (isn't that horrible that i don't know the time???) anyway, he weighed 6'6 and measured 19 inches long.

sally went into the doctor on tuesday morning and he had her go straight to labor and delivery. she was in labor for 16 hours and poor girl had to push for two and a half! (talk about freaking me out right now!) we went over to the hospital that night but the little guy just didn't want to come yet.

we got the call at about five in the morning that he was here. luckily brad and i both had appointments in ogden on wednesday morning so we got to go see him just a few hours after he was born.

he looks just like bryce with a little round head and his bone structure, i think he has sally's nose through and through. the poor little guy had a little cut on his head, and was a little bruised, but he has awesome coloring, he isn't red or yellow at all. just perfect pink baby skin.

it was funny cause b&s just ordered their car seat and it hadn't come yet so they had to borrow ours, so before i went to brad's appointment with him i ran to the room and dropped off the car seat.

bryce was asleep on the little chair in the room and sally was awake and bentley was there. it was so precious to hold him cause we haven't had a baby in the family for a little while and i felt so connected to him. sally was ready to start to cry and when i left the room i couldn't help it. it's funny cause the whole time i have been pregnant i have had a hard time with other peoples babies, i don't know why. but with bentley it was whole different experience. it was so reassuring to have that feeling. so congrats to bryce and sally! we love your little one so much already. (brad even held him willingly, which i don't think has ever happened)

i have to add a little more just cause i keep thinking about it. he was so dang cute cause he would let out these little whimpers, like he was saying that it was just so hard being out in this big old cold world. and when we took pictures of him the flash scared him to death! he would jump and be startled and blink his little eyes (i'm sure to get the flash out of them) and as soon as he got comfy we would be mean adults and take another picture. it was just so precious. it's amazing to know how dependent little ones are on us for everything in their life. they are just the most special little creatures and bring so much joy with so little effort.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

bright eyes

i have the greatest dad in the world. i know people say that all the time but in my case it is the absolute truth. in fact both of my parents are awesome. they are so generous with their time, money and love. they have given so much to me and brad and i am forever grateful to them.
anyway, it was my dad's birthday on august 11, he turned 77. we had a great little get together for him at the house, with cake, ice cream and company. we all sang "for he's a jolly good fellow" when he blew out the candles, and i think he really enjoyed it. the best part about the night was when i saw him singing in the living room, some little song i don't even know. i could just see the happiness in his eyes.

the weekend before his birthday the fam went camping to soapstone up by kamas. kade & terra, debbie, brad & me and the kids all came. we all decided it would be a great idea to go to the water fall and as we were driving to the site it started pouring huge drops of rain! we made all the kids get out and see it anyway,you can tell they were all freezing. but it was a lot of fun. then we got back to the camp site, got everything dried off cause the rain stopped. we started making our hobo dinners on the picnic table and it started to down pour again! haha.. it was so much fun, trying to keep the fire going, get the mud out of the trailer, and make dinner all at once. it finally cleared up again and dinner was a complete success (thank me very much!).

later that night we went on a walk around the campground and saw a big moose! chandler tried to convince everyone that there were three of them, one underneath the one we could see and one behind it. kids are so funny. i think he really convinced himself that there were three there. on the walk there were wild raspberries growing all over and we stuffed ourselves silly.. love raspberries. mmm...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

sale pending

four bedrooms, two baths and .18 acres of bliss.
can't wait to move in!