Friday, August 29, 2008

jam packed

i don't really know what is going on with me lately, but i am totally project oriented. it's actually surprising how motivated i have been. anway whitney and i have been talking about becoming more domestic all summer, so we finally did our first project last night. we made freezer jam!
we used five cases of strawberries, probably 15 boxes of pectin (if not more) and about ten pounds of sugar! here are a few pictures.

this is just my jam! whitney had a huge box filled with her containers too!
we had to reward ourselves and have a little taste! mmm.... jk. this was just to show what a mess we made!
Other Domestic Projects in my Life Include:

1. making a rag time quilt for our baby boy. thanks to melissa who is helping me. cause i have NO experience sewing.

2. getting our couch pillows covered with new fabric (i got all the fabric for nine pillows on sale for 13 bucks!)

3. whitney is going to teach me to crochet baby beanies.

4. sewing aprons, and then taking them to a cake decorating class with us! (another project with whit)

5. spray painting ugly old lawn furniture RED.

there are lots of other things i want to learn to do too... but i think i can only handle so much at a time....


Jill said...

What a domestic gal you are Sav! Your jam looks wonderful, it looks like it will last you years :)

Keri Mead said...

OMG! I was just talking to my friend tonight about doing some strawberry freezer jam. I haven't made it in 2 years and I'm on my last bottle or 2. Then I see your blog. SOOOO yummy - I could come over and lick your counter for you. So where did you buy your strawberries, did you get a good deal?

Minwimm said...

Its amazing what being pregnant can do for your "to do" list. That is a LOT of jam. If you need to get rid of some of it, I am more than willing to store some for you. You may not get it back though :)

Lindsey said...

Yay for being a domestic goddess. It looks like you and Whit had super fun. Whitney also told me you love the State Fair. I LOVE the state fair too. Love, love, love it. I look forward every year. Fun times.

Jeff and Melissa said...

It's called nesting!! It's a really thing and they say it gets stronger the further along in pregnancy you get! It's a good thing cuz there is a whole lot of stuff that DIDN'T get done the first 4 months!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jam! Seriously thanks for sharing I had 4 pieces of toast the other morning with almost more jam than toast.
I want to do cake decorating!!

Scott and Lindsey said...

We missed you at the fair last night!

Cara said...

I made freezer jam for the first time this spring! I LOVE it! It's so easy to make and I felt so domestic. I went on a rampage a few months before Marin was born-- cleaning, decorating, etc. I think it's instinct or something, I'm usually not that ambitious! :)

The Bates Family said...

I love freezer jam. I'm glad you guys are having fun. Will and I miss you guys already!

Jared, Natalie and Ryker said...

Hey! It was so good to see you on Saturday. You looked so cute! You guys got so much cute stuff. I also wanted you to know that I updated my blog today just for you! Congrats on the house too, I will be sad not seeing you anymore when I go to Steph's.