Thursday, December 8, 2011

a talk with santy claus

reese told santa he wants a red choo choo train with a track. jovi wants to keep momma happy and go to sleep before midnight. 
Merry Christmas!

(after we left, reese had a total melt down because he wanted to show santa the ornament that he made and forgot. we told him we couldn't go back because he was so busy, and brad told him, "reese it's ok, santa knows you like jesus knows you!" freaking made me laugh so hard!)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

jovi at two weeks

jovi went to her two week appointment. she weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces, was 20 3/4 inches long and her head was 14.2 inches long. putting her right about at the 50th percentile for all three. she has gained a whole pound since she was born! what a big girl!
she has a love/hate relationship with the binky. funny i say that and in all of these pictures she is sucking away. i guess it's more love than hate.
she has been such a sweet baby. she has a really good temperament, when she talks and coos she has a very feminine voice, and when she cries she sounds like she is heart broken. luckily, she only cries for about an hour a day. she really is so good. we moved her into her own room and she has done great! i think we are all sleeping a little better.

Monday, November 28, 2011


so when we brought joves home from the hospital on friday we thought all was well. but dr. hom told us that her billirubin was high and told us to come back in on sunday to get it checked again. it was pretty high so they sent us the billi lights. it was so sad! poor baby had to lay in a tanning bed for about 36 hours. i am so glad that was all because all i wanted to do was snuggle her! i noticed that night that i was getting a heat rash on my boobs. so i called dr. bierer's office the next day and they were sure i had mastitis... so onto more antibiotics for me... boo. at least i realized i had it before it got too bad, because i never ended up with a fever.
then on thanksgiving night hallie came upstairs and told us that a garbage had been knocked over downstairs and there were pills in it and reese had eaten some... holy crap! i was freaking out. we ran to the ER and we were there til about midnight. they pretty much just had to watch him for a few hours to make sure nothing happened. and nothing did thank goodness! but it was scary!
here's our happy family. some cheetos and orange juice and a coloring book was all we had to entertain us for three long hours.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

jovi's first bath

getting ready to go in
the water hasn't hit her yet. she is so tiny. 
not so happy with the momma.
(photo courtesy of reese)
bundled up. starting to calm down. 
pretty girl. she gets more beautiful every day!
her boo-tiful hair
all dressed up. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

jovi may

On Tuesday Dr. Bierer called me at work. He told me that his family surprised him with a trip to go out of town for his birthday, so he wanted to know if I wanted to be induced a couple of days early. We were planning on 11.11.11, but I was more than happy to have our baby girl right away. So I called Brad, he said, "lets do it tonight!" which is exactly what I wanted. So I left work, Brad left school, we met at home along with my parents and Reese. We went to the hospital at 6:30pm.
In the waiting room
We got all set up and Dr. Bierer came in at about eight to break my water. I waited to have my epidural until my contractions were pretty unbearable. I think i just wanted to see what I could handle. Especially after seeing Kate go natural a couple of months ago. Around ten I had had my epidural. It was awesome. Honestly, it was a major relief and I felt so much better immediately after. This time instead of my entire lower half being numb, Dr. Silver made it so it was just my midsection. It was so good to still be able to feel my legs and to be able to walk almost immediately after giving birth. About 15 minutes after my epidural I had dilated from a five to a seven. Fifteen minutes later she checked me I was a nine and three quarters, the nurse had me turn over and I was a ten. So we called Dr. Bierer. Turns out it was his birthday if we had this little one after midnight, so we all decided that we would sing happy birthday to him. He got there a couple minutes after twelve, and we were having our baby. I pushed one good push and she was nearly out, he told me to stop pushing and within a minute she was born. I didn't tear, which was awesome. As I was sitting there in the stirrups the entire nursing staff came in and sang to our baby and Dr. Bierer.
They put her on my chest the moment she was out and brad cut the cord. It was amazing. So different than my birth with Reese. It was surreal, I love my baby so much.
We snuggled for a minute as we got her dry. I thought she looked like Reese right off. Her nose is just a little different and she is definitely a lady.
The proud papa
The birthday kids
Momma and her girl
Oh, the happiness on our faces. 
What was amazing this time around, is that we weren't rushed from the delivery room to our room. They left us alone, I fed her for the first time. There was no one waiting so we didn't feel rushed to pick her name or anything. We just spent time together and bonded. She was born at 12:09 am on Wednesday, November 9th.  She weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces, she was 20 inches long.
 little lady with her first bow. by now it was about 3 am. i was exhausted and so was brad. we got to bed.
the next morning my parents brought reese right over. he was so excited to meet "baby sisser". he loved her instantly. he asked if he could hold her and pet her. it was too sweet for words. he is already an amazing big brother. he tells us that we have to be soft with her, that we can't hit babies, and that he doesn't want us to change her because it hurts her (because she cries). 
little miss swollen and dressed. 
momma and jovi
daddy and his sweet pea
 brother and sister
we tried and tried to get a decent first family photo. this wasn't the most orthodox, but it's my favorite. 
snuggling. my favorite part about having a newborn is feeding her and then letting her sleep on me. it just feels so good. i love her so much. it's amazing how your heart has a little place in it, that you didn't even know existed, until you add one more little one to it. 
all ready to go home. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


RAWR! for halloween reese was a scary monster.
we decorated our car for the ward trunk or treat.
brad and i were bats
on halloween night we went to kade and terra's for their annual party. it was so much fun. reese really got into trick or treating this year. he actually knew what to expect and had been asking for weeks if it was halloween yet. i took him around the neighborhood with some other kids and he was SO FREAKING CUTE! he got really good at saying "trick or treat" and then ran to the next house. if no one answered the door he would yell, "too bad, so sad! let's go to the next one!" and take off.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy birthday reese!

reese turned 3 on october 20. he was so excited for his birthday. he had been talking and asking about it for weeks. we had made a paper chain for him to tear off some everyday until his birthday. i think it helped him understand that we can't just pick our birthday. we decorated the house and had family over for cake and ice cream. it wasn't anything too fancy but it was really a perfect birthday for him this year.
 these pictures are from his birthday morning. brad had to be at school all day and i had to work so we let him open up his presents before he left. 
we gave reese this kitchen for his birthday. 
at his party. opening presents. 

at three reese loves:
ipads (he got a leap pad for his birthday)
pirates booty
PBJ sandwiches
talking about hiking in the mountains
singing "popcorn popping in the acorn tree" and lots of other songs
his favorite show is My Big Big Friend
he loves to play "Monster"

Thursday, October 27, 2011


last week i was 36 weeks. dialated to a 1.5 and 50% efaced.
yesterday i was 37 weeks. dialated to a 2.5 and 70% efaced....
i don't think this baby is going to make it to my scheduled induction on 11.11.11
i think she will be here more around 11.1.11. crazy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

the leg story

last night reese was jumping on the trampoline and got bounced and landed funny. after he stopped crying, i put him down and he wouldn't put any weight on his leg and resorted to crawling. he crawled or hobbled around for long enough that i was thinking of taking him to the instacare. well, since it was sunday they were all closed, so i told him that if his leg still hurt tomorrow we would take him to the doctor.

he looked up at me and said, "but mom, i don't want them to saw it off!!!"

i started to laugh and reassured him that they wouldn't ever have to take it off. the poor thing was totally worried about it. then we told him about aunt patty and how she didn't have a leg. it was quite the little conversation. he is such a tender hearted little one.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

sweet little nursery

the quilt is finally finished! i think it turned out gorgeous. perfect for our little girl. i love how all the fabrics fit together and i love how they tie all the elements in the nursery together too. this is the first quilt that i have made all on my own and i love it. i hope it stays in my family forever.