Monday, October 24, 2011

the leg story

last night reese was jumping on the trampoline and got bounced and landed funny. after he stopped crying, i put him down and he wouldn't put any weight on his leg and resorted to crawling. he crawled or hobbled around for long enough that i was thinking of taking him to the instacare. well, since it was sunday they were all closed, so i told him that if his leg still hurt tomorrow we would take him to the doctor.

he looked up at me and said, "but mom, i don't want them to saw it off!!!"

i started to laugh and reassured him that they wouldn't ever have to take it off. the poor thing was totally worried about it. then we told him about aunt patty and how she didn't have a leg. it was quite the little conversation. he is such a tender hearted little one.

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Amber said...

So is he okay? Reminds me of kylee.all she did was land weird.