Thursday, February 18, 2010

reese at 16 months

reese is almost 16 months old. he is so stinking cute i can hardly stand it.
Stuff he does:
-waves bye-bye when you put him down for naps or bedtime.
-gives all of his stuffed animals kisses (puckers right up and makes the noise) but won't give kisses to real people
-walks all over the place, but when he wants to go extra fast he gets down and crawls and puts his head down charging like a rhino
-loves to eat apples
-does bums up all the time
-says HOT whenever there is a change in temperature hot or cold
-opens the microwave
-turns on his cd player in his room to the maximum volume and then runs back to the door and slams it shut
-climbs onto the couch and lays down to watch tv
-turns in a circle
-goes through the garbage
-pats your back when he hugs you

he is a busy little bee.. freaking love him

Monday, February 15, 2010

tax returns and valentines

i haven't written anything for about a month. life is just so busy with work and school and mommy land... i just can't wait for the summer. math will be done and the weather will be warm and i will be able to relax a little.

but some good things are happening:

1. my sweet hubs gave me a gift certificate for an 80 minute hot stone massage! gratuity included... i am so excited.. nothing is better.

2. tax return time! i love february for this reason alone! getting taxes back is the best! i always feel so much better knowing that we will have some money in savings, that we can tackle a home improvement project and that we can go on a trip of some sort...

that being said, we are redoing our kitchen! i am so excited. it is gonna have a bit of a vintage feel to it. brad got a router for christmas so he is going to give our cabinets come character, we are going to paint the top ones white and the bottoms ones yellow. we are going to tile the floor through out the kitchen and dining room, put up beadboard, and possibly get new counter tops.. i am so excited to be rid of the dark cabinets... ugh.. so sick of it.. and the ugly linolium floor... yay!

just writing about it makes me happy.
what a cute little man on valentine's day!