Thursday, February 18, 2010

reese at 16 months

reese is almost 16 months old. he is so stinking cute i can hardly stand it.
Stuff he does:
-waves bye-bye when you put him down for naps or bedtime.
-gives all of his stuffed animals kisses (puckers right up and makes the noise) but won't give kisses to real people
-walks all over the place, but when he wants to go extra fast he gets down and crawls and puts his head down charging like a rhino
-loves to eat apples
-does bums up all the time
-says HOT whenever there is a change in temperature hot or cold
-opens the microwave
-turns on his cd player in his room to the maximum volume and then runs back to the door and slams it shut
-climbs onto the couch and lays down to watch tv
-turns in a circle
-goes through the garbage
-pats your back when he hugs you

he is a busy little bee.. freaking love him

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Crystal said...

Awww he sounds so sweet! How cute. :)