Sunday, December 27, 2009

happy christmas.

on christmas night, as we were driving home from a crazy day, brad said to me,
"do you love your baby?"
whilst looking at him asleep in the car seat. i said,
"i love him!"
and he said,
"did you ever think you could love something so much?"
and i said,
"no, never"
and he said,
"it's like when you are kid, and you have been waiting and waiting to get the most awesome present. and the awesome feeling you got when you finally got it.
It's Like That Everyday."

christmas eve we always go to brad's fam's house. we eat tons of junk food and play bingo. reese and bent are above chowing down. 
 we get new jammies on christmas eve too! here we are all decked out.

christmas morning.

brad got a router and a table saw... one lucky guy!
head in bag! hahah!
santa brought reese a fire truck, lots of books, and the movie UP.

i got a super cute red coat and a gift certificate to my favorite fabric store.

grandma lynn and grandpa george gave reese a rocking chair.
he loves it!

on the way to my family's for dinner. reese was making a super cheesey face!
grandma maydell and grandpa ace gave him a little people circus and lots of clothes. 

we are tired! take us home!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

28. 28. 28.

dear brad,
it was your birthday a couple of weeks ago, you have turned 28.
i am glad that we got to stay in and eat take out and just chill.
i know that is the way you like your birthdays to be.
i am glad too that i got to make you a big cookie on sunday.
isn't it crazy that when we got married you were 21 and i was 20?
it seems so long ago and we were so young.
i am glad we are still in love and get to try and make things special still, even though it seems to be harder now that we have our reesey boy.
i hope you had a good day.
i love you,


i love my babe-ay.

reese is seriously the sweetest thing. today i put him down for a nap and it had been a while and i realized that he was still awake. i opened his door and peeked in at him and he was practicing standing sans hands. he is such a big boy. i love that he wants to try new things and get good at them so much that he forgets to fall asleep.

last night we went to maddox and to boondocks to celebrate what would have been jeromy's 40th birthday. it was really fun. it was time for bed by the time we got done with dinner and were headed out to kaysville so reese took a little snooze. when we got there i got him in his jammies and we went straight to the bowling alley. he loved standing at the ball caddy and making the balls go around it he did it forever. he thought it was hilarious. he is just such a good boy. i am so blessed to have such a happy creature in my life.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sicky sickerson

well, our whole family has been sick this week. it has been quite the ordeal with crusty boogers stuck to a baby face, coughs, colds, fevers, medicine, tissues. our house is a bit of a disaster. reese has been rubbing his nose and then his eyes at night, so that when i get him up there are boogers all in his eyes and eye lashes. it's rather sad. he has been a good sport though.

 see those sick eyes?

 even though he is sick he is still learning new things every day! this is him putting his hot dog on a tooth pick. he loves eating with tooth picks, usually i help him stab whatever he is after.

at aunt shanea's he decided he needed to wipe his nose and found a box of tissue. =)