Sunday, December 27, 2009

happy christmas.

on christmas night, as we were driving home from a crazy day, brad said to me,
"do you love your baby?"
whilst looking at him asleep in the car seat. i said,
"i love him!"
and he said,
"did you ever think you could love something so much?"
and i said,
"no, never"
and he said,
"it's like when you are kid, and you have been waiting and waiting to get the most awesome present. and the awesome feeling you got when you finally got it.
It's Like That Everyday."

christmas eve we always go to brad's fam's house. we eat tons of junk food and play bingo. reese and bent are above chowing down. 
 we get new jammies on christmas eve too! here we are all decked out.

christmas morning.

brad got a router and a table saw... one lucky guy!
head in bag! hahah!
santa brought reese a fire truck, lots of books, and the movie UP.

i got a super cute red coat and a gift certificate to my favorite fabric store.

grandma lynn and grandpa george gave reese a rocking chair.
he loves it!

on the way to my family's for dinner. reese was making a super cheesey face!
grandma maydell and grandpa ace gave him a little people circus and lots of clothes. 

we are tired! take us home!


Jill said...

So sweet! I am glad you had a good Christmas!

Avree said...

What a cute thing to say! You have the cutest little family, I'm glad you had such a fun Christmas!

Minwimm said...

Dont forget girls night out Jan 7th. Cute post. Kids are the best gifts ever!

Whitney said...

Seems like you guys had a great Christmas!

Aynna banahna said...

I'm glad you had a good christmas! I know Reese is like 3 times bigger than Jonah, but one of my New Years goals is to spend more time outdoors and more time with people, so I think we should have some play dates! You live so close, we really have no reason not to!

BTW, my verification word is:reeses! Which I think is funny