Wednesday, February 29, 2012


my pretty girl is such a joy. she is three and a half months old and is absolutely precious. she loves to be rocked and cuddled with cozy blankets. she has to be fixed just right to fall asleep with her little nose nuzzled into my chest. she sleeps through the night and has for quite a while. she gets whiny when she is tired or hungry, but i feel like she is a good little baby. 

she loves to sing pat-a-cakes and laughs and laughs. she loves reese. she loves glowbie the glow worm and the jungle thing in her crib. she also loves to lay on her playmat and bat at the rattles that are attached. she loves us to sing her songs and dance. she loves to take showers but hates getting out.
sweet little smiley girl.
this is her upset face. 
and if you really insult her by offering the binky when she is hungry she reacts with super sadness. 
for a couple of weeks i thought she might turn into a thumb sucker and i was psyched.... but she has given it up for these two fingers and the binky...

at her two month doctor appointment she was 11.6 pounds (59th percentile) and 22.28 inches (46th percentile) and her head was 15.1 inches (37th percentile). 
so she is pretty average in size.