Friday, February 15, 2013

so i just wanted to tell you....

yes, all of my faithful readers... oh wait, i don't think i have one reader anymore, but still. i wanted to tell you, that this week i have done a couple of things that are sort of awesome and a few more things that were rather awkward. Here we go:

1. I fell down twice this week. TWICE!!!! the first time i was rushing down the drive-way, wheeling the fullest garbage ever (because they hadn't picked it up in 2 weeks), to try and actually get it on the curb before the garbage truck drove up. So as i am dashing in my slippers I feel my feet go right under me, luckily i caught myself and totally avoided injury (high five, sav!). I was totally relieved that the rest of my responsible neighbors took their garbage cans out the night before and i had no witnesses, awesome, right? Wrong, just then i here my neighbor's door swing open, and he hollers to me, "savannah! you ok?" in a truly concerned voice.....

the second time wasn't nearly as humiliating, because at least no one saw it and i kind of caught myself before i hit the ground. i did however twist both my ankles just enough that driving was a little, shall we say, awkard?

2. I bucked up and asked my neighbor if she would want to trade babysitting once a week, and she said yes! So i watched her kids while she ran errands, and i went off to a blissful hour of yoga at weber state. it was really kind of wonderful. i hadn't done yoga since high school, for those of you who can't count, that is twelve years. my downward dog needed some serious adjustments and luckily my instructor was nice enough to help me a couple of times. we are going to keep doing it and i am so happy to kind of have an hour to myself.

3. i have yelled at my kids, (really my kid), so much this week. i feel like a terrible mom, i don't know why i am feeling so short with him. i just feel irritable and he knows how to push my buttons. but still i need to find a better way to get my point across to him that makes us both feel better. :( ideas anyone? We were doing a sticker chart but it just doesn't have the same incentive as it used to.

4. we moved bedrooms, and i mean we totally rearranged our house! reese moved upstairs to our room, we moved to the extra downstairs bedroom and made his downstairs bedroom a playroom. things are still a little bit of a mess, like, there  is so much crap stuffed under my stairs i am surprised the door hasn't busted open. but so far i think it will be a good change. it's a little weird to have my kids so far away, but i think it will make life easier on reese. except AFTER we moved him upstairs he told us he wasn't scared anymore and he liked his bedroom down there, i think he just wants to be close to his momma and dad! little stinker.

so there's my list. there is my week. and it felt good to write about it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A couple of Funnies courtesy of Reese

Grandpa Ace: Those bastards!....
Reese: No Grandpa, those aren't the bastards. The zombies are the bastards!

Jovi was about to roll off of the couch and Reese jumped off and caught her just before she fell. A little while later her came up to me and whispered: Remember when Joves almost fell off the couch and I got her before she fell. Does that make me a hero????? Absolutely!!!!