Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ace's Birth Story

a few days before delivery. My shirt says ACE
We had our precious baby Ace on Tuesday April 8th. He was scheduled to be induced at 8 a.m., but apparently he had a plan of his own. I had my last doctor appointment the Thursday before and was dilated to a 3 and Dr. Bierer stripped my membranes. I was not planning to go into labor because I hadn't with my other two, but I thought why not? The next day was my last day at work and one of the doctors there and I are friends. His name is Dr. Kasteler and he offered to strip my membranes one more time if I wanted. So at the end of the day I went ahead and ran up to his office to have him do it. That night I cramped like crazy but nothing happened. The weekend went by without anything happening so I just figured I would get induced on Tuesday morning. On Monday night I dropped Reese and Jovi off at my moms. They were sleeping over so that we didn't have to run them over in the morning. I am SO glad! Otherwise I would have had to bang on one of my neighbors doors to come over. When I dropped the kids off I was sitting on the floor changing Jove's diaper and I had a contraction. I didn't think much of it because I had been having them randomly for the last couple of days. But when I got home I got in the shower and I had two more pretty powerful ones. I decided to do my hair just in case i went into labor! haha. I know that sounds so vain! But I didn't want to have to do it in the morning anyway. Brad and I went to bed and I kept having those contractions and I told him we might have our baby that night. The pains kept waking me up, but I kept falling back asleep and by the time the next one woke me up I had forgotten how long it had been since the last. Finally one woke me up at 12:57 and I decided to make myself stay awake until the next one, and it came at 1:11 and took my breath away. I shook Brad and told him I thought maybe we should go to the hospital. He agreed and we got up to get dressed. As soon as I stood up my contractions started coming one right after another and I got scared! We grabbed the bags and I got in the car. We only live a couple of minutes from McKay Dee hospital, but it felt longer. Brad sped up to the ER and walked me in, and then ran back out to park the car. I sat in a wheelchair and gave my information and by the time Brad got back were waiting for him in the elevator. They took us right up to labor and delivery and I was terrified that I wasn't going to make it for my epidural. They had me walk to my room and sat me in the bed and started getting things ready. I begged to have the epidural as soon as possible. They checked me and I was dilated to a 7! Holy crap! No wonder I was hurting so badly! I asked who the anesthesiologist was and of course it was Dr. Patal, the one I didn't want, but honestly at that point I didn't care who it was. He came in and had me bend over while he inserted epidural. They wouldn't let Brad be near me cause too many husbands faint, so I squeezed that nurse with all my heart. I pumped that thing like crazy, because they checked me again and I was a ten. They had already called Dr. Bierer and he was on his way. We were ready to go. By the time he arrived the epidural was working and I was beyond relived. 

When Dr. Bierer got there we got right to it. I pushed once, he told me to stop and with my next contraction our precious child came into this world. They put him on my chest and he peed all over me. Cute little rebel. I know this one is going to give me trouble! Haha.
He was born at 2:33 a.m., one hour and four minutes after we got to the hospital. He weighed 7 lbs 5 oz. and was 20 inches long. (He was exactly one pound lighter than Reese was). We knew his name was going to be Ace, but hadn't really decided on a middle name. We had a couple on a list, but I wanted Brad to choose. He named him Ace Ellis Cantwell. 
After he was born and everyone left the room, he latched on and ate and we had some quiet tender moments. Then we went to our room and got settled. 
He got his first bath, his foot prints and all the things they need to do after you have a baby and we were finally left to be alone at about five in the morning. Brad slept and I snuggled my baby for about an hour.
In the morning my parents brought the kids over to meet their new brother. Jovi keeps calling him "Baby Grandpa" because she knows they have the same name. Reese instantly fell in love. He asked to hold him about five times in the first hour. He is such a precious big brother. Jovi was glad to see him, but lost interest very quickly that first day.
That first day we had lots of visitors. Shanea, Debbie, Grandma Maydell, Grandpa Ace, Grandma Lynn, Grandpa George, Kade, Debbie, Lala, Hallie, Drew, Kate, Logan and Marissa all came to visit. Kate took some precious pictures of Ace. 

That night Brad got the kids and went home and slept. Ace and I had some time alone. I just adore snuggling my new baby. There is nothing like holding and being together. Being a mother is something that is indescribable. Knowing that this little bundle literally grew inside your own body for nine months and was kicking your ribs hours before is so precious. The next morning Brad brought the kids back and we spent some time together, just our little family. 
Reese asked to hold Ace over and over. Jovi went on the couch and curled up and went to sleep. I guess she got hand sanitizer in her eyes and had a really rough morning. 
Brothers for life
i love this one
all ready to go home.   

When we got home that night Jovi wanted to hold him.
I am so glad that this little man is finally here! I love having a baby and even though I am a little nervous about the adjustment period things have been going good. The lack of sleep is hard, but I am accepting help from my family so that I can get in naps here and there. Jovi has really warmed up to Ace and asks about Baby Ace or Baby Grandpa all the time. Reese loves him so much too and wants to hold him and help a lot. Brad is over the moon about him as well, I mean how can you not be. I feel so blessed to have another little one to care for forever. I love you little Ace.