Tuesday, March 24, 2009

five months old

it's hard to believe that five months have gone by since my little guy was born. he is growing up and doing so many things that seemed impossible a couple of months ago.

he lays on his back and grabs his toes, sometimes he rolls a little to his side, he eats carrots and cereal and sweet potatoes, he blows raspberries with his tongue, loves to be tossed in the air, smiles ALL THE TIME, holds himself up so good, sleeps through the night every single night, he wakes up happy and snuggles me every morning, when i have to drop him off in the morning at my parents house he sings in the car, he is ticklish everywhere: ribs, neck legs, feet... my little guy is growing up. and i love every second of it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

baby legs

my friend meli told me where to go to learn how to make baby legs! i had wanted to buy some for a long time but just couldn't bring myself to spend ten bucks on one pair, seriously way too much! so i went to target and shopko got some socks on clearance and it made six pairs for about 25 bucks! they were so cute i even made some for bentley (with sally's help). the other reason i really wanted to make them is cause reese has quite a few little outfits that are shorts and since it's still kind of cold he wasn't able to wear them, and i was afraid he was going to grow out of them by the time it heated up.

how cute is that little butt????

pretty happy, no?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

mr. reese update

i feel like i haven't done a real update on reese in a while, so i thought i would post some pics.

last week we had kami, darrick and brock over for dinner. the boys were so dang cute, we sat them up next to eachother to take some pictures and they were holding hands. as soon as reese discovered brock next to him he couldn't stop studying him. it's amazing how much more aware he becomes of his surroundings every single day.

reese is getting much less lazy in the holding up of his head department. as you can tell by these tummy time pictures...

big smile!...

...and big drool!

he was kind of spoiled this week and we bought him a bouncer, he likes it for a few minutes but hasn't quite figured out how to jump yet. he really likes it though cause the toys light up and it plays a pretty rockin version of "little bunny foo foo".

check out that funny face!

Friday, March 6, 2009

brad's new toy

brad has been waiting and waiting to get a new tv. when we moved into our house we broke our old tv and the plastic just shattered everywhere, so it found a fantastic new home in a dumpster. brad wanted to get a tv right then and there but i asked him to wait until after we had the baby and got settled into our house, just in case something came up. we got our tax return and the day it went in the bank we made a trip to costco. it's a 50 inch 1080p, if that doesn't mean anything to you, i'll tell you what brad told me: it plays blue ray dvds the best and it's the best to go with the playstation 3... glad you are happy with it honey.

anyway, we got a new stand for it, that pretty much just holds the tv. no pics, knic-knacks etc. so i was looking for some sort of shelf, i thought i would need one that was dark wood like the furniture but my sister had this bead board one that she got on clearance from PB and never used. i think it looks pretty good since it was FREE!

i think it looks really nice cause of all the white trim in our house. the other fun thing about this shelf is you can hang it the other way too, so that the bead board is on the bottom, and all the stuff is against the wall, but i think it looked really good like this.

baby boy is waking up so i better run for it!