Friday, March 6, 2009

brad's new toy

brad has been waiting and waiting to get a new tv. when we moved into our house we broke our old tv and the plastic just shattered everywhere, so it found a fantastic new home in a dumpster. brad wanted to get a tv right then and there but i asked him to wait until after we had the baby and got settled into our house, just in case something came up. we got our tax return and the day it went in the bank we made a trip to costco. it's a 50 inch 1080p, if that doesn't mean anything to you, i'll tell you what brad told me: it plays blue ray dvds the best and it's the best to go with the playstation 3... glad you are happy with it honey.

anyway, we got a new stand for it, that pretty much just holds the tv. no pics, knic-knacks etc. so i was looking for some sort of shelf, i thought i would need one that was dark wood like the furniture but my sister had this bead board one that she got on clearance from PB and never used. i think it looks pretty good since it was FREE!

i think it looks really nice cause of all the white trim in our house. the other fun thing about this shelf is you can hang it the other way too, so that the bead board is on the bottom, and all the stuff is against the wall, but i think it looked really good like this.

baby boy is waking up so i better run for it!


Boualay said...

The shelf was a good idea, Sav.

Amber said...

So jealous of the TV! I can't wait to get a home so we can buy all this fun stuff and decorate.

Melissa said...

Boys and their big screens:)
Love the shelf 'upside down'!!

The Bates Family said...

Will says he is way jealous of the tv.....he's been begging me for a new tv forever!

Minwimm said...

Why do electronics get guys so giddy. I don't think I will ever understand. Bryant never stops trying to make me though.