Saturday, May 24, 2014

ace's newborn pics and family pictures 2014

Ace's first weeks.

Ace's first bath

Ace's first Easter. The easter bunny did not forget this little guy!

Reese adores Ace. He calls him "Little Man" and talks to him and holds him constantly. 

Big Ace, Little Ace

age six racer #3

Dear Baby Ace, 
You are six weeks old and I think it has been the fastest six weeks of my life. You smiled when you were two days old and haven't stopped. This last week you have been nursing non-stop and growing too. You are still sleeping in my room, most nights you end up in bed with me. In the crook of my arm, you snuggle into my chest and sleep so soundly. In the last few days you have gone from being an infant to baby. Your newborn scent is leaving you. And while it breaks my heart, I know that as time goes on and you grow I will only love you more. Thank you for choosing me to be your momma. I love you little man.