Saturday, August 29, 2009

(500) days of summer

500 Days of My Summer. Pictures, Images and Photos
brad and i went and saw this movie today.
i liked it, it was quirky.
and i love her. she has a different voice and a different pretty.

Summer Finn (500 Days of Summer).2. Pictures, Images and Photos
he is really skinny, reminds me of someone i would have dated a little. he changes and it takes being hurt to do that. and i am kind of like that.

the thing about this movie is that it was so real. like about falling in love, about being unsure of someone and then finding the right person changes everything.
zooey deschanel joseph gordon levitt Pictures, Images and Photos
and getting hurt can crush your beliefs in love.

i know some people would hate this movie.
but i like the off-beat. the eternal sunshines, and kill bills.

Friday, August 28, 2009

it's been a while...

reese is on his way to having four teeth! the first one on top that is coming in looks like it's his central, the second one is way over on the other side so i kind of wonder if it is a canine.. kind of weird but i really don't think its the other central.. i wonder if this is common? any comments?
anyway, that's part of the reason reese is eating a popsicle and and because he LOVES them.
our little guy is scooting all over the place. he is on the move all the time. sometimes he crawls a little bit but it's mostly an army crawl.

he decided he wanted to feed himself and grabbed the prunes. the real reason i posted this though is so you can see his elephant eyelashes. aren't they gorge???

a couple of weeks ago i went to a few garage sales. i found some awesome stuff that i am sure i will show you later, but this was the greatest toy! and three bucks! it was totally worth it! can you see that smile on his face, it's priceless. that was a saturday and brad worked all stinking day. he got home about 9 o'clock and reese was still in his bed awake. so brad went and got him and we played and played until he was worn out. the best part is that this thing goes everywhere and reese loves to just sit on it and ride... bad news it sometimes babies fall cause they really don't have the best balancing skills.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

reese's relaxations methods

lately when reese is tired, he either gets on his tummy with his giraffe under his head or...

if he is too tired to get on his tummy, he just folds himself in half with his giraffe under his head.

if only he could get on the move now!

i went to take a shower and had reese laying on his caterpillar pillow like in the pic below, and when i got out, he had scooted himself all the way over to the door! so far! and he didn't make a peep while he was doing it!
watching a little sesame street

one other thing i don't think i have mentioned that reese has learned to do is click his tongue. LOVE IT!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

guess what????

chicken butt!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

come in niner, niner!

reese is nine months old! whoosh! time is flying by...

the great thing about turning 9 months old is that no shots are needed at this appointment! so here are his measurements:

Head: 43 3/4 cm which is the 20th%
Height: 32 1/2 inches which is above the 97th%
Weight: 23 lbs. 9 oz. which is the 90th%

so he has been growing pretty steadily. he is a good boy and has learned some new things like:
-how to clap his hands
-how to wave (although it's not usually when saying bye-bye)
-he loves to feed himself hot dogs, bananas and crackers
-he was screaming when i put him down for bed, but has overcome it for the most part and puts -himself to sleep again
-will pull himself up from a sitting position to a standing position (although he still isn't crawling)
-can get from sitting to being on his belly
-loves giving 5
-has two bottom teeth
-pushes away his bottle (or anything else) he doesn't want

we love our little man, he is a very good boy!