Saturday, August 15, 2009

reese's relaxations methods

lately when reese is tired, he either gets on his tummy with his giraffe under his head or...

if he is too tired to get on his tummy, he just folds himself in half with his giraffe under his head.

if only he could get on the move now!

i went to take a shower and had reese laying on his caterpillar pillow like in the pic below, and when i got out, he had scooted himself all the way over to the door! so far! and he didn't make a peep while he was doing it!
watching a little sesame street

one other thing i don't think i have mentioned that reese has learned to do is click his tongue. LOVE IT!!


Avree said...

Oh he is so cute! It was so fun to see him (and you!) last night and kiss his bald little head!

Amber said...

I love how he just folds up. Kylee wont hold still or relax unless we swaddle her up tight or put her in her car seat. He looks so big! He is going to take off soon. (don't rush it though, he'll move when he is ready, and then your job gets 3 x's as hard!--I think so anyway . . .)

Jill said...

He is so adorable! I love the giraffe thing. Evan's soother is grabbing his neck it is cute.

Keri said...

He's so cute, Maddie will prop her head down like that too when she's tired, mostly on soft blankies. I love the clicking tongue too!

Minwimm said...

Maybe he was a yoga instructor in a previous life.