Sunday, January 25, 2009

boy toys

reese has really been taking notice of his toys latey. it's so cute! he is getting to be such a big boy.

"just gonna go for a drive mom!"

this book makes crinkle noises and he loves it! his little face just brightens up when he plays with it. tastes good too!

he loves his glow worm that plays music and lights up.

so happy when we sing songs.

funny face on his play mat. this is his favorite toy.

and yes i am back to work. it wasn't so bad. the first day went by really fast but the rest of the week seemed to drag on. it was really hard having someone else take care of him and trying to explain how we do things so that he stays a little in routine. he did really good, his sleep schedule is a little messed up but we are working on it. i love this little man so much!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

birthday wishes

yesterday was my 26th birthday! i am getting OLD! but i am ok with it. i kind of like getting older. i am not as selfish as i used to be and i just love spending the day with brad and reese and getting out to do something special. i had a really good day. first brad cooked me breakfast, then we got ready and took reese to my mom and dad's to babysit while we went and saw the movie "the curious case of benjamin button"

it was a really good movie. very interesting, i got a little teary at the end. but i really enjoyed it. then we went and picked up baby boy and went to the macaroni grill for dinner. i LOVE eating there. it is my favorite.

reese slept the whole time so on our way home brad rode in the back and sang to him to keep him awake. seriously precious. i had a really good day. brad got me an awesome gift: a gift card to get eyelash extensions. i am so excited about it! i am gonna go get them next saturday and i think i am gonna go get my eyebrows threaded too! then i will hardly have to put on any makeup when i get to work at five in the morning!

tonight we are going to my parents for cake and ice cream and my favorite dinner of home made chicken noodles. i am loving that.

last sunday i didn't have time to take pictures of reese on his blessing day so i did it on tuesday, here are some of his best shots. i love him!

look at those jowels! i think our little man is gaining just a little weight! other accomplishments this week: sleeping almost through the night! he has only got up ONCE for the last three nights! let's hope it sticks, cause i have to go back to work on tuesday!

Monday, January 12, 2009

blessed and named

reese is now 12 weeks old. yesterday he was blessed. brad did the blessing and it was awesome. he blessed reese with many things like: knowing he has a family who loves him, that he will find a true love, that he will be kind hearted, and go on a mission. reese was an angel and slept through the whole thing.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


seriously i have so many things in my life that = LOVE

so so blessed because of this guy:

and this guy:

i love that i have been feeling crafty and creative lately. making fun things like this:

and having super fun ideas like this

and i love this girl! seriously we never get together but when we do and when we talk i have so much FUN! she is a true friend.

i love that i have been able to stay home with my little man for three months and relish every single moment that we have had

i love that i have a mom and dad that are so willing to take him for me so i can work part time

and a family that is obsessed with him

i love my marshmellow bed

and i love love love not being pregnant

and warm boots

i love my hubby for going to work everyday and coming home early when he can and i love it when he plays with our little bug a boo and makes him smile! sheesh! IT IS SO CAUUUTE!


baby boy had been doing much better in the sleep department.

i have been really trying to feed him at the same time every day, starting at 8:30 and then every four hours after that. by the last feeding though i usually have to start a little early. i have also started doing a bedtime routine. about a half an hour before it's time to feed him i take him in his room and begin by turning on the music. then i change his diaper, lotion him up, change his onesie and into pj's, wash his face and whisper everything i say to him. i think it helps him wind down a little bit. then i feed him in his room with the light off and burp him and put him straight into bed. he won't take a pacifier right after he has eaten, but after he has been in his crib for about 15 minutes he makes a few noises and i know he is ready for it. so most of the time i can just give it to him and he will go to sleep. sometimes though brad has to go in and rock him for a few minutes, but we aren't doing it every night. i also have been giving him a little blanket that i slept with for a few nights so he can grab it and smell it and he does! it is the cutest thing ever!

i've also tried changing positions for him, he really likes sleeping on his side for naps and i figure that i like to sleep on my side so why not him too? last night he woke up at about one and went right back to sleep. but then he woke up again at 4 and ate and wouldn't go back to sleep, i went in about three times and gave him his pacifier, i think he finally went back to sleep about 5:30. what a cute little stinker! thanks for everyone's advice, i think that he definately does better with routine. the other thing i wonder though is, how many naps should he take a day? usually he takes two but sometimes three... i wonder if it makes a difference????

Monday, January 5, 2009

11 weeks! and i have to go back to work in 2! :(

ok, my cat just crawled across my lap and deleted the last picture! i knew he was jealous that i never put picutres of him on here anymore!

anyway, reese has been throwing us for a loop lately in that he wakes up in the night to eat and thinks it's playtime, this is VERY VERY BAD! he will wake up at one to eat, and when he is finished he won't go back to sleep until about three, and the worst part is that we don't know what to do. he just squacks and squacks, and we leave him alone and eventually he will cry, but as soon as one of us goes in there he quits... so i don't know what to do! the other thing is that he is waking up before it is time to eat, like it's only been two and a half hours since his last feeding, so i don't know if i should just feed him or make him wait til it's time, risking him waking up more... hmm. the thing is, when he was sick we were rocking him to sleep all the time. and i think that is what caused this little monster, he just wants to be held while he sleeps. so i have gone back to my book (12 hrs of sleep by 12 weeks old) in desperation, and i am trying to follow it to get him on a decent schedule. the only thing with that is when i go back to work it's gonna throw it off again! what to do? any advice is welcome!

Other than that reese is such a GOOD baby! he hardly ever cries and smiles and says, "aaaa-goo" all the time, especially for brad. it is the cutest thing ever! we are going to bless him this sunday, and i think i am going to have to start buying size 2 diapers! the last couple of days we have had several blow outs.. and by the way huggies suck! pampers all the way... ok i will stop ranting, for now...

wearing dad's beanie

grasping his rattle (pretty impresive, i know!)

Reese says, "look ma, i'm tall!"