Thursday, January 8, 2009


seriously i have so many things in my life that = LOVE

so so blessed because of this guy:

and this guy:

i love that i have been feeling crafty and creative lately. making fun things like this:

and having super fun ideas like this

and i love this girl! seriously we never get together but when we do and when we talk i have so much FUN! she is a true friend.

i love that i have been able to stay home with my little man for three months and relish every single moment that we have had

i love that i have a mom and dad that are so willing to take him for me so i can work part time

and a family that is obsessed with him

i love my marshmellow bed

and i love love love not being pregnant

and warm boots

i love my hubby for going to work everyday and coming home early when he can and i love it when he plays with our little bug a boo and makes him smile! sheesh! IT IS SO CAUUUTE!


Matt and Avree said...

What a cute post! I'm glad you're so happy, you deserve it!

Jeff and Melissa said...

LOVE your car seat cover!! Did you sew the edges and then just cut them like your rag time? It is so cute! You did a Great Great job! Where did you get your blocks?

Caleb and Becky Rigby said...

Cute pictures, you are so crafty. Your prego pictures are beautiful, you make pregnancy look good. :) Where are you going to work?

Boualay said...

I like your post also. It got me thinking about my blessings and it made me a little mushy inside. Nice job on Reese's blanket too.

Michelle said...

You're so cute Savannah! What a cute post. I love all the pictures. That carseat cover is way cute. They cost like $40, you should start selling them! The block things are way cute too, geez your a crafty girl, aren't cha! :)

Keri Mead said...

Those blocks are so cute and I think you did an awesome job on the car seat cover. Seriously - the ones that I and Kami Robbins have cost $40 - so you should maybe try making more. Cute post! I kinda miss being pregnant.....