Sunday, January 25, 2009

boy toys

reese has really been taking notice of his toys latey. it's so cute! he is getting to be such a big boy.

"just gonna go for a drive mom!"

this book makes crinkle noises and he loves it! his little face just brightens up when he plays with it. tastes good too!

he loves his glow worm that plays music and lights up.

so happy when we sing songs.

funny face on his play mat. this is his favorite toy.

and yes i am back to work. it wasn't so bad. the first day went by really fast but the rest of the week seemed to drag on. it was really hard having someone else take care of him and trying to explain how we do things so that he stays a little in routine. he did really good, his sleep schedule is a little messed up but we are working on it. i love this little man so much!


The Parks' said...

I love the picture of Reese smiling big with his mouth open, so cute!!

Bill and Emily Grant said...

He is so smiley!!! He is adorable! I love checking your blog for more pics!

The Kelly Klan said...

Your baby is so adorable. It's so fun to see you with a little baby. You look like you're an adorable mom. Cute blog!