Friday, June 27, 2008

steadfast and immovable

it has been a little while since i posted but i figure better late than never! last week i got to go up to girls camp! and it was such a blast. we went to camp browning. it's a boy scout camp up by cousey resorvoir. we had so much fun and the best part was getting to know each of the girls a little bit better. there was tons of stuff to do, we went canoeing, shot guns, archery, repelled and rock climbed and the cope (which is a ropes course). it was really nice cause there wasn't any drama at all! the girls were so good. liz got brave and stuck her feet in the freezing river for forty minutes! we all played the "would you rather" game, and we sang tons of songs. i think that is my favorite part because you forget them and as soon as you hear the tune they come back. sister noel came up and played her yukalaylee (i have no idea how to spell that). and ashleigh taught us a couple of songs that i just loved! i really love girls camp. if i could be in the YW for the rest of my life it would all pay off at girls camp. we had a great camp director and she planned everything so well. i really love testimony meeting. i know that is the place i feel the most comfortable expressing myself and my love for the gospel and i hope that the girls all gain more of a testimony there too. it was really cool too cause brad got to come up the second day and spend the night and he helped alot. danette's husband layne was also there and it was fun to get to know him. he came out one night with this scary mask and terrified some of the girls! i loved it! it is so good working with awesome leaders and getting to be better friends with them all the time. it's so funny being in this ward because it's the ward i grew up in. it's interesting to see what is going on with the families that still live here and getting to know the new ones. i really like this ward alot. it has been one of the best things that has happened to brad and me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

ogden, sweet ogden

we had sooo much fun on saturday! whitney's sister lindsey asked us if we would like to get our pictures taken at the union station in ogden, i have always wanted to do pics down towns so i was so excited. we have been planning it for about a month and i was so psyched when the day finally arrived! i stole this pic from lindsey's blog (sorry i couldn't help it!) and it is just one of many, many kissing pictures. we have wanted to get some really good ones done for a long time, and nothing ever seemed to work out. thanks so much lindsey! you are definatley a talent and so fun to be with! i cannot wait to see the rest! i will definately be calling you for maternity pics and baby pics when the time comes!