Sunday, January 9, 2011

christmas 2010

merry christmas! i know i am a little late writing about it but nonetheless. here we are in our new pj's on christmas eve. it's probably my favorite tradition because it doesn't have to come out of the budget and i love surprising brad every year and him surprising me! he got me a hilarious shirt that is the 13 days of christmas with literal pictures, really funny.
christmas moring reese ran right out into the living room! we had to yell for him to come to our room so that we could all go in together to see what santa brought. he came and visited indeed! he brought reese a race track, a slide, some firefighter boots and a few books. reese ran right for the slide but got distracted by the race track for at least 5 minutes before he ever made it to the slide.
opening presents from mom and dad. he got despicable me and now it is his absolute favorite movie. he comes to me and says, " mom! me! me!" whenever he wants to watch it.

sweet panda shirt from brad
awesome black jacket from me.

by the time we get through christmas day i realize that i don't get any other pictures except for the morning... oh well. shows that we are having a good time right? we went to shanea's for breakfast, lynn and george's for lunch and my mom's for dinner. it was a great day. i think i love that the older i get the less selfish i am. i used to really care about the things i got for christmas, and i used to have really high expectations. now that i don't christmas (and birthdays and all those things) are so much better.

a few days before we went to the christmas village. jensyn, reese and hurley all looked so cute in this one that i had to post it.