Sunday, May 30, 2010

each one of these pictures just shine on one of reese's many qualities. i love this little man.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

the zoo

last saturday was so fun! i called my parents that morning and asked them if they wanted to come to the zoo with us. at first my mom said no cause she was dead asleep and couldn't even fathom the thought of getting out of bed. but i called back 15 minutes later with a speech prepared to convince her to come. i didn't even have to bust out the mega phone, she agreed without me giving her a guilt trip! so we went and picked them up.
 reese with giraffey by the giraffes! he was so excited!
well all rode the merry go round. don't mind my mom's black eye. 
it's so much fun to take reese to places like this now. he gets it. he loves going out on the town and learning about new things. he loved the animals. who can blame him?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

california love!

reese is prepping for the trip by dancing with my ipod. he also enjoyed music on the plane. i don't know if i have told you this, but i have an angel baby. he was perfect on the plane.
the first night in cali we went to red robin. reese loves to eat lemons.. is it really bad that i let him eat the rine too?
walking into disneyland! doesn't reese look scared???

splash mountain, yep, that is brad in the front! then hallie, log, drew and some guy.
reese loved the goats in the pettting zoo. he kept leaning over to give them loves and kisses.

in fantasyland: this is the first day and poor reese was so exhausted. after this ride i put him in his stroller and he fell fast asleep, just like in the story books.
whilst waiting on everyone else who was going on space mountain, we played with the giant ball. you can see buzz lightyear's foot in the pic. he came over and reese was a little freaked out. he just kind of waved at him. and some little girl kept going over and tapping his butt! it was so freaking funny.
goofy, reese and brad in toon town.
playing the piano
the next day, back in fantasy land, riding dumbo. reese was laughing his little butt off.
getting close to nap time again. so we went on it's a small world. reese got a baby pluto and loved it all through the rest of the trip (and since thereafter).
log, pluto and brad.. looks like brad loves to ROCK this trip!
drew and log going on the super scary roller coaster in california adventure. shanea, reese and i sat this one out.
brad and reese on the flying saucers.
stuffed animal love.
every time we went into any store, reese found the stuffed animals and LOVED them. every single one!

jessie and woody
"they were cones!"

on our last full day we went to the beach. 
me and hallie

beach bum
this was a REAL wood car, if we were in compton and i knew how to hot wire, i would have drove this baby home.
in and out burger 
like father like son!

a few tid bits:



how to train your dragon in 3D

running into katie and talking to meli like five minutes later

reese dancing at macaroni grill to the sax

red suckers


reese sleeping through a diaper/jammie change

reese refusing to sleep in his pack n play
so he tried to crawl across the night stand to get to me
learing how to get off high beds

reese falling asleep on me every night while walking

hard water

a bug crawling across your bum in the bugs life movie

sav: "what's up?"
log: "just hittin' your elbow."

picking out necklaces for the boy's girlfriends

getting shanea to go on space mountain and listening to her scream and laugh through the whole thing
then getting her to go on indiana jones and listening to her scream and laugh through the whole thing

how mr. toad went to hell!