Saturday, May 28, 2011

kanarraville mom and dad grew up in this tiny town called kanarraville. it's in southern utah... and i love it. we haven't been there much since my grandparents have all passed away. but! my grandma's house is still owned by my aunt. so she is letting the family all take turns and visit down there. it is awesome!
the first night we got there shanea did facials on all of us.
drew and dylan have on the purifying mask.
reese wasn't so sure about his turn.
but logan was thrilled with his results. especially his hair.
the next day we went to redcliff and hiked. all these boys jumped off the cliffs.
reese and i making our way to the water. i am a terrible mom and forgot sunscreen. so we asked some people if we could have some. they went on and on about how big reese was until it got weird... like we don't already know he is big... people are funny.
reese and daddy chasing and catching frogs.
drew jumping off the cliff. we went to st george for lunch and ate at smash burger. it was pretty fun. then we headed back to the house so reese could take a nap and my brother kyle and his wife came to visit. i forgot to get a picture of them. it's too bad we don't see them very much, but i guess that's how life is.
the next day we went to the little park. we had tons of fun swinging, playing on the witch hat and racing down the slides. but all fun comes to an end when the babe gets a blood nose.
check out that sad lip! he really knows how to stick that thing out!
next we hiked up to turtle cave. i really enjoyed it but i have to say i thought my dad might die! it was totally steep and further than i expected, or else i wouldn't have begged him to take us. we stopped a few times for breaks and we all made it to the top.
drew, log and hallie on the top.
reese and i standing by the cave.
brad carried reese on the way down and he crashed! poor thing fell right asleep. it was so fun. and i am excited to go again in couple of weeks and do some more hiking.

i think it was so fun for my dad and mom to get to share some of their past with the grand kids especially. late one of the nights brad and all the boys went out to find the leg to see if it would chase them. i loved that. then we showed reese where my dad used to sleep when he was a little boy and how this was the house he grew up in with his mom and dad. he couldn't get over it and had to keep asking everyone about "grandpa little boy like me??" it was truly precious.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

what's up with us...

lauren got married in vegas. we went down and had a great time. i didn't really get too many pictures unfortunately, but she looked very beautiful.
 we took reese to surf and swim. he had so much fun! he has been asking to go back ever since.
it's been really cold this year! but on the good days we have made the most of it. this picture just makes me happy. reese is such a little boy. he loves thomas, and his superman cape, and being outside and coloring.
he also loves his parsley cat. and uses him as a pillow often. 
reese also moved into a big boy bed. He really loves it... especially jumping on it..