Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my cute aunt darlene made jovi this cute hat. i love home made things. they are my favorite.
sweet boy, so tired.
too cute to boot!
i love my babes
sweet nakey baby
cute little booty. miss may rolled over today! from the back to the front. she did it the hard way first! we are proud of our little acrobat.
drooly-est baby ever
oh, and i chopped my hair off.... i mean chopped. 

visitors in the night ;)

having kids is awesome, because the holidays are so much fun! the leprechan played tricks on us this year and it was delightful! this is the first year he came to our house and reese was totally in awe! he loved finding the note and following the foot prints to the bathroom. the leprechan left his hat and reese wore it for days afterward. it was so fun! 
 coloring eggs

the easter bunny came!
cute kids for church
brad and i at the easter egg hunt. 

reese was thrilled over the easter bunny. he kept asking me what he looked like, what his last name was and when he was coming. he was disappointed that the easter bunny "forgot" to hide the eggs we colored. i think the easter basket made up for it though.

Friday, April 6, 2012

weird day...

Today had been the most randomly weird day... First of all, it's April, we are on spring break and it SNOWED like crazy. Reese was so excited that he went out at 7:45 this morning to play. From my warm kitchen I snapped a couple of pictures:
So Reese and I decided it would be a great day to go to the Treehouse Museum. We went and had a good time and he made me quite the little art project. Little sweetie. Jovi slept the whole time. When we were leaving I talked to Brad and we decided to meet at my mom's house. Earlier that day he told me that he had dropped his ipod and it wasn't working. Really? ok... whatever... Then, he tells me he got a ticked for our car not being registered... BUT, it is.... We just haven't got the stickers in the mail yet... UGH.... Anyway, we meet up and my  parents watch the kids for us while we run to the mall to get my phone replaced. It has been freaking out since I got it, so being the wise person I am I pay 4.99/mo to insure it... Well..... As we go to leave, I drop my phone. And it cracks. VOIDING MY INSURANCE... you are FREAKING kidding me. Now the weather outside is sixty degrees and Reese has been playing. I have a cracked phone and Brad has a new ipod... I just couldn't bring myself to spend $350 to get a new phone when I am already paying for this one.... Weird day... Not even bad. Just weird.