Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my cute aunt darlene made jovi this cute hat. i love home made things. they are my favorite.
sweet boy, so tired.
too cute to boot!
i love my babes
sweet nakey baby
cute little booty. miss may rolled over today! from the back to the front. she did it the hard way first! we are proud of our little acrobat.
drooly-est baby ever
oh, and i chopped my hair off.... i mean chopped. 


Mindy said...

i still can't get over how darling your hair is!!!
seriously, if i were brave and junk.. oh, and if i could crank my arm to have it grow back when i missed it.
then, i would do it!

Bill and Emily Grant said...

Okay, so I just spent about an hour catching up on your blog! I didn't realize I was so behind! Your family is so cute! Jovi is a doll, and Reese is getting so big! We should try to get together some time!

Rachel said...

Love your hair! Jovi is SOOOOOO cute and chubby. I want to squish her!