Saturday, January 2, 2010

for the 2010

some things to work on:

-becoming more self aware. i want to think my own thoughts and not be influenced easily by the input of everyone else. i want to express myself in my own ways and not worry about the thoughts of others.

-become more charitable, with my time. volunteer, talk to the elderly at my work, do service.

-put money away in savings. yeah, that's right, this year nothing went in and everything went out! i am thinking ten percent of what brad makes should be enough to start.

-not yell at reese or brad, especially when it is to tell them to "stop yelling".

-listen. before. i. speak.

-become more aware of how i present things to people. not blurt out stupidness....

-apologize when it's appropriate. not when i shouldn't have to. say thank you when i want to even if i feel awkward.

-go on a trip.

-go to church, or read scriptures, teach reese to pray, etc.

-love my husband everyday.

-love my bub everyday.

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Yours Truly said...

Nice resolutions! And I'll hold you to them, j/k :) You're great, Sav.