Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sicky sickerson

well, our whole family has been sick this week. it has been quite the ordeal with crusty boogers stuck to a baby face, coughs, colds, fevers, medicine, tissues. our house is a bit of a disaster. reese has been rubbing his nose and then his eyes at night, so that when i get him up there are boogers all in his eyes and eye lashes. it's rather sad. he has been a good sport though.

 see those sick eyes?

 even though he is sick he is still learning new things every day! this is him putting his hot dog on a tooth pick. he loves eating with tooth picks, usually i help him stab whatever he is after.

at aunt shanea's he decided he needed to wipe his nose and found a box of tissue. =)


Denise said...

Poor guy! He looks miserable! Hope you guys get feeling better soon!

The Bates Family said...

its always so sad when they get sick. did he wake up at night? Shae always does when she's sick....then I'm feeling bad for myself. :)

Melissa said...

It's so awful!!! Avery has been sick lately to and it is just miserable!! And so much harder when you are sick at the same time! Hope you are all feeling better by now!

Avree said...

Oh poor little guy! I hope he's better now!