Sunday, October 2, 2011


last weekend brad and i celebrated eight years together... how time flies by! don't mind me in all my pregnant glory! it was brad's year to surprise me and he planned an amazing weekend. first i went to my class (way to kill every saturday this semester) then we went and dropped off reese with my parents. he took me to a new restaurant in salt lake called vinto. it was very trendy, kind of an organic italian place. then we went and checked into our room, at hotel montaco. i have always wanted to stay there! it was so chic, i really liked it, our room was cozy and had two tvs. we spent some time there and then headed off for another surprise. he took me to the desert star and we watched their new play hunk-cules. it was hilarious. we laughed a lot. at the end they do this thing where they ask about birthdays and anniversaries and all that stuff, so brad told them it was our 8th anniversary. well, they wanted us to get up and dance and i was like, i can't i am too big... (this place is crowded!) after the song was over the annoucer totally called me out on it! he went on for a few minutes and after that i kept getting so nervous that he would make me get up on stage... thank goodness he didn't, because i would have died! it was quite entertaining though. after the show we ran to the grocery store and bought some treats. we went back to our room and snacked and watched a movie. it was really nice to get away and just do something alone together.

tuesday was our actual anniversary so after work and shcool we decided to go to salt lake and eat at the macaroni grill. that tends to be our tradition and since we didn't go there on saturday we thought it would be nice. we brought reese with us. afterwards we took reese to temple square because he always asks if big buildings are temples, so we wanted him to see it. he was totally fascinated with all the water fountains and especially the reflection pool. he also petted some of the horses. when we got home and got reese to bed we read our ten things to one another. they have definitely evolved over the years. it used to be all lovey-dovey and now it has turned into more of a memory list. which is nice and sad at the same time. i love my anniversary more every year and i really love that we have made traditions that are special. brad is an amazing husband and father and i am grateful for him everyday.


CKE said...

Happy Anniversary! That sounds like so much fun! And I love that you read 10 things to each other. So sweet! :)

Amber said...

Yea!! Happy Anniversary!

Michelle said...

Happy 8 years :)!