Monday, November 14, 2011

jovi may

On Tuesday Dr. Bierer called me at work. He told me that his family surprised him with a trip to go out of town for his birthday, so he wanted to know if I wanted to be induced a couple of days early. We were planning on 11.11.11, but I was more than happy to have our baby girl right away. So I called Brad, he said, "lets do it tonight!" which is exactly what I wanted. So I left work, Brad left school, we met at home along with my parents and Reese. We went to the hospital at 6:30pm.
In the waiting room
We got all set up and Dr. Bierer came in at about eight to break my water. I waited to have my epidural until my contractions were pretty unbearable. I think i just wanted to see what I could handle. Especially after seeing Kate go natural a couple of months ago. Around ten I had had my epidural. It was awesome. Honestly, it was a major relief and I felt so much better immediately after. This time instead of my entire lower half being numb, Dr. Silver made it so it was just my midsection. It was so good to still be able to feel my legs and to be able to walk almost immediately after giving birth. About 15 minutes after my epidural I had dilated from a five to a seven. Fifteen minutes later she checked me I was a nine and three quarters, the nurse had me turn over and I was a ten. So we called Dr. Bierer. Turns out it was his birthday if we had this little one after midnight, so we all decided that we would sing happy birthday to him. He got there a couple minutes after twelve, and we were having our baby. I pushed one good push and she was nearly out, he told me to stop pushing and within a minute she was born. I didn't tear, which was awesome. As I was sitting there in the stirrups the entire nursing staff came in and sang to our baby and Dr. Bierer.
They put her on my chest the moment she was out and brad cut the cord. It was amazing. So different than my birth with Reese. It was surreal, I love my baby so much.
We snuggled for a minute as we got her dry. I thought she looked like Reese right off. Her nose is just a little different and she is definitely a lady.
The proud papa
The birthday kids
Momma and her girl
Oh, the happiness on our faces. 
What was amazing this time around, is that we weren't rushed from the delivery room to our room. They left us alone, I fed her for the first time. There was no one waiting so we didn't feel rushed to pick her name or anything. We just spent time together and bonded. She was born at 12:09 am on Wednesday, November 9th.  She weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces, she was 20 inches long.
 little lady with her first bow. by now it was about 3 am. i was exhausted and so was brad. we got to bed.
the next morning my parents brought reese right over. he was so excited to meet "baby sisser". he loved her instantly. he asked if he could hold her and pet her. it was too sweet for words. he is already an amazing big brother. he tells us that we have to be soft with her, that we can't hit babies, and that he doesn't want us to change her because it hurts her (because she cries). 
little miss swollen and dressed. 
momma and jovi
daddy and his sweet pea
 brother and sister
we tried and tried to get a decent first family photo. this wasn't the most orthodox, but it's my favorite. 
snuggling. my favorite part about having a newborn is feeding her and then letting her sleep on me. it just feels so good. i love her so much. it's amazing how your heart has a little place in it, that you didn't even know existed, until you add one more little one to it. 
all ready to go home. 


Amber said...

She is so sweet! You look so happy!

Boualay said...

Special things come in small packages. Congrats and I am happy that Jovi's here. I'm excited to meet her soon. xoxo

CKE said...

Oh what a sweet story! I loved reading about your experience! She is SO cute and you guys got some awesome family pics!! :) Love you Sav!!

Darrik, Kami & Brock said...

Everything went so perfectly. I'm so happy for you guys. She is such a cutie, and I absolutely love her name. Don't worry, I won't steal it, but I do love it! You guys have such a cute family. Congrats!!

Melissa said...

She is a little cutie!! I am so glad you had such a good experience this time!! I love your unorthodox family picture;)

Jill said...

Beautiful girl! I loved how the second time around I felt like an old pro, I am sure you feel the same. CONGRATS!!!

Whitney said...

That's such a sweet story! Jovi really does look so much like Reese and it looks like he is going to be such a good older brother. I am so happy for you guys!