Monday, November 28, 2011


so when we brought joves home from the hospital on friday we thought all was well. but dr. hom told us that her billirubin was high and told us to come back in on sunday to get it checked again. it was pretty high so they sent us the billi lights. it was so sad! poor baby had to lay in a tanning bed for about 36 hours. i am so glad that was all because all i wanted to do was snuggle her! i noticed that night that i was getting a heat rash on my boobs. so i called dr. bierer's office the next day and they were sure i had mastitis... so onto more antibiotics for me... boo. at least i realized i had it before it got too bad, because i never ended up with a fever.
then on thanksgiving night hallie came upstairs and told us that a garbage had been knocked over downstairs and there were pills in it and reese had eaten some... holy crap! i was freaking out. we ran to the ER and we were there til about midnight. they pretty much just had to watch him for a few hours to make sure nothing happened. and nothing did thank goodness! but it was scary!
here's our happy family. some cheetos and orange juice and a coloring book was all we had to entertain us for three long hours.

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