Friday, December 19, 2008

snowed in and alone

today brad had to work from 2-10 instead of 8-4 for some reason, so it was really nice having him home this morning and getting to sleep in, but now it's four and he normally would be getting home soon. but he isn't and my dad made me promise not to go anywhere cause the roads are so bad... so here i sit. how about a tag???

i am: comfortable in my life

i think: everyone should get to be a mommy

i am happy: even in the middle of the night when reese is eating and making his funny noises

i have: the best husband

i miss: laughing with emily at work all day, having girlfriends that are close

i fear: death of my loved ones

i feel: like i eat way too much junk food

i smell: like breast milk, seriously it has a smell, and i have to shower everyday or else i am grossed out

i usually: have my toenails painted, but not lately

i search: walmart everytime i am there for those little things that hold your sheets down, and i can't ever find them

i wonder: if brad is happy cause i know he wants a new job.

i regret: not going to school more

i love: my family, my friends, saying prayers with brad every night

i care about: my cat, but i am not as good to him as i used to be

i tell: secrets.. most of the time

i worry: because i never work out, and i don't want to gain weight

i am not: looking forward to going back to work, but i think it will be good for me.

i remember: everything, the most random details about EVERYTHING... brad can't get over it

i believe: in miracles. i have had several in the last year

i dance: not enough. i LOVE to dance, i love it. i could do it every night

i sing: to reese every day, you are my sunshine, good night sweetheart, tiny little tot

i don’t always: appreciate my husband as much as i should, he deserves more credit

i don’t like: to swear anymore. i used to do it just to tick people off

i write: on my blog, and on my family website

i win: at guessing how much dinner will cost for the whole cantwell family, including appitizers, main course and dessert, every year

i lose: patience with breastfeeding, but i am SOO much better than i was a month ago

i wish: i had a million dollars, i would do some good

i never: eat the last bite of anything. it always goes in the garbage, weird i know

i listen: to baby grunts, malcom in the middle, coldplay and rain

i don't understand: jokes sometimes, i just don't get it and no one wants to tell me

i am scared: that i don't get out enough

i need: hugs and love all the time

i forget: when i am mad, it's just not worth it

i am happy: that i am so blessed, that i like my hair, that my husband teases me and hugs me in the night, that i can make my little one smile, and that i have a flushing toilet

i tag: mindy, amber, jamie, melissa and anyone else who wants to, i would love to read.


Taryn said...

I totally get the smelling like breast milk. I get tired of feeling like a cow

Jared, Natalie and Ryker said...

Savannah he is so cute!!! I am glad you were finally able to catch his smile. I can't believe how much he looks just like you.

Emily said...

Sav, I miss laughing with you! I can't wait till you come back! Love ya!

Michelle said...

What a cute tag :). I love you family pictures at the top of your blog, they are soo cute!