Tuesday, December 23, 2008

two months is so BIG!

it's been a pretty big week for our little reese. he went for his two month check up, got shots, went to his first christmas party, and makes fools of everyone around him so he will smile!

first christmas party and he met tyler for the first time. tyler is my nephew that is three weeks younger than me. we have always been really close.

this is reese with dr. brown. he is quite the big boy, weighing in at 13 pounds 5 ounces (95th %), 24.5 inches long (95th %), and a 38.5 cm head (20th %). so he has a pretty small head compared to his body! haha, he is such a chunk!

waiting for the doctor to come in

he was very happy that morning so i had to snap a picture! i think he loves his daddy quite a bit!

here's a video of reese! i finally figured out how to use the camcorder thing on my camera! woot, woot, go me! anyway, i was trying to get a picture of his sad little lip! that is exactly what i do when i get sad! poor little reese! i better post a happy video soon too so you can see how cute he is when he isn't sad. =)


Bill and Emily Grant said...

He is sooooo cute! You look great too!

Boualay said...

Dr. Brown does look very familiar ... because he's Sebastian's pediatrician too :) Reese is so bald that he's cute. His baby pictures are making me baby hungry - not good.

Amber said...

I love him! He is a sweetie pie! He is a chunk! What a hunka-chunka cute monkey love! It is good to see tyler too.

Matt and Avree said...

Oh that little turned down lip just breakds your heart! He is so cute! What a little chunk!

Keri Mead said...

Oh he's stinking cute!!! You guys did good! You had lots of practice huh?