Friday, December 26, 2008

"good, good bye, tinsel shine"-jimmy eat world

christmas eve we all got new pajamas
bentley and reese had the same jammies!

reese on christmas morning! so happy with his new toys!

both boys tuckered out


andy pav said...

kylee got the same gift for christmas, where are your and brad's matching pj's huh?

Matt and Avree said...

So cute! I love the one of them both on the bed, precious!

Michelle said...

How cute! That is so fun that Reese and Bentley are so close in age!

Keri Mead said...

Thanks! It's 2.75carats, so yes, kinda big. But that one pic made it look a lot bigger....i'm kinda worried about it being too big, but oh well, I love it.

Minwimm said...

Love the pic with both boys snoozing on the bed. Dang cute.